2020 Winners

Priya Thummalapalli at Prudential Financial Overall winner, read about why she won here
Martha Brown at Duke Energy Employee Experience Award
Susan Quain at Fidelity International Digital Acceleration Award
Graham Kennedy at Fidelity Investments Game Changer Award
Chelsey Louzeiro at Heifer International Connected Workforce Award
Ana Jauregui at Nestlé Crisis Leadership Award

2019 Winners

Marc Bramoullé at Ubisoft Overall winner, read about why he won here Podcast with Marc Bramoullé
Linda Tinnert at IKEA Runner up Read about why she impressed the judges
Dianna Langley at Oxfam International Connected Workforce Award
Melissa Brandebourg at Charles Schwab Game Changer Award
Dan Ranta at GE Business-driven Collaboration Award
Mike Fraietta at BNY Mellon Innovative Approach Award

2018 Winners

Aaron Kim at RBC Royal Bank Overall winner Read about why Aaron won
John Quinn at MHRA Vision and Approach
Andrea Brant at Adobe (now working with DWG) Pioneering Work

2017 Winner

Kevin Cassady at BNY Mellon Overall winner