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At DWG, we get excited about passionate people in our industry. So much so that, in 2017, we decided to create an industry award so that we could share our excitement and reward exceptional digital workplace leaders. In 2019, the Digital Workplace Leader of the Year was awarded to Marc Bramoullé for his leadership of radical changes to Ubisoft’s digital workplace environment. We also had a very close runner-up in the pioneering work of Linda Tinnert from IKEA.

The Awards are produced by DWG in partnership with SMG/CMSWire, and celebrate organizations and practitioners who have excelled in creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments.

For the first time in 2019, we published a shortlist of nominees for Digital Workplace Leader of the Year. The names on the list are nothing short of inspirational, with leaders from organizations such as Adobe, Oxfam, IKEA, UNHCR and General Electric featured. So impressive were the nominees, that we strongly felt some additional awards were warranted for specific areas of achievement.

DWG CEO Paul Miller says of the category winners: “Recognizing individuals is a special part of these annual awards as peer recognition makes a big difference in encouraging the winners and showing others what they can aspire to, as well as providing external validation of achievement in a way that can be seen by the most senior management. The span of people and locations and industries is healthy to see.”

So, in no particular order, here are the additional awards for the 2019 Digital Workplace Leader of the Year Awards:

Employee Experience Award – Toni Vanwinkle, Adobe

Toni is progressively transforming the digital employee experience at Adobe through the ambitious programme of work she is heading up. A leader with over 25 years’ experience, in 2017, she became the Senior Director of Digital Workplace Experience at Adobe, having taken on a range of roles at the company in the preceding decade. She applies a relentless focus to understanding how employees work best and delivering the unified, personalized digital experiences that will enable them. Tangible progress on this path includes an employee experience framework, rationalizing the technology portfolio, streamlining workflows for key processes, and fostering a culture of experimentation and learning. Toni is active in encouraging and developing the next generation of leaders, acting as a role model and mentor in various schemes.

Connected Workforce Award – Dianna Langley, Oxfam International

Dianna has led the creation of an ambitious, knowledge-driven digital workplace for Oxfam International within a challenging NGO context, connecting around 10,000 colleagues worldwide. Under Dianna’s stewardship, Oxfam International has adopted a best-of-breed approach, introducing an ecosystem of tools that have helped her colleagues to collaborate, knowledge share and act as one organization, supporting their “run towards crisis” mentality, which means they need fast access to information and expertise globally. Dianna regularly speaks at events such as DW24 2019, sharing the frameworks and approaches they’ve used so that others can also learn from their journey.

Game Changer Award – Melissa Brandebourg, Charles Schwab

Melissa is responsible for leading the strategy at Charles Schwab to shift the organization towards a more modern digital workplace. She brings significant industry experience to her role as VP Digital Workplace Technology and in just under 3 years is already bringing about game-changing transformations. These include formulating the strategy and roadmap for the digital workplace and getting buy-in at C-suite level, leading the implementation of new technologies, and helping to drive culture change. Her “Day in The Life” Digital Workplace Summits are helping to showcase innovation projects, foster new ideas and get Schwab employees excited about the art of the possible and what is coming down the road. She is known in the industry for delivering tangible results including cost savings and employee engagement.

Business-driven Collaboration Award – Dan Ranta, GE

Dan is well-known in the industry for his passion and excellence in delivering successful knowledge management solutions. As Executive Knowledge Management Leader at GE, he’s responsible for a vision and strategy that are focused on connecting people to leverage the collective expertise of its workforce. Vibrant, active communities and discussion forums are at the heart of this programme of business-driven, impactful collaboration. He’s ensured that the programme is supported with robust governance, analytics, taxonomy and curation – helping to ensure sustainability.

Innovative Approach Award – Mike Fraietta, BNY Mellon

With a background in online collaboration, communicative technologies and Working Out Loud, Mike Fraietta is Senior Principal Product Manager at BNY Mellon, responsible for delivering the MySource intranet as a front door to the digital workplace in order to enable the company’s 50k+ employees to better connect to tasks, content and colleagues. He takes a thought-provoking, innovative approach to raising awareness of new ways of working and bringing about change in the business. He has shared his passion and expertise at events, including at the United Nations, World Bank and Google Campus.

The Digital Workplace Leader of the Year Awards form part of the Digital Workplace of the Year awards – perhaps your organization could be a winner in 2020? Look out on our website for entries opening early 2020.

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Elizabeth Marsh

Director of Research

Elizabeth Marsh is DWG’s Director of Research and author of its latest report ‘Digital workplace overload: How to reduce employee technostress’ (available free on our website). She’s worked as a practitioner, researcher and consultant in the digital workplace field for over 20 years and is a strong advocate for digital literacy and digital wellbeing at work. Elizabeth is currently doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham focusing on employee technostress and the potential of mindfulness to help reduce it. She also co-authored – with Paul Miller – the book ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future’.

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