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Studio Guests

DW24 live

February 26-27, 2019

Tap into the insights of the world’s leading minds and dive into incredible digital workplaces through our live tours.

Dennis Agusi

Director Communication Channels

Paul Boag

Founding Partner - Boagworks Ltd

Elena Bogdanova

Intranet Consultant

Andrea Brant

Group Manager, Digital Communication Channels

David Brin

Author, Futurist, Public Speaker

Ray Brulotte

Senior Manager

Troy Campano

Senior Enterprise Architect – Digital Workplace

Leanne Cunnold

SVP Global Internal Communications

Isabel De Clercq

Founder connect|share|lead - Keynote speaker - Sparkle Architect - Author of the book Social Technologies in Business

Patrik Etelävuori

Digital Transformation Lead

Gordon Feller

Founder - Meeting of the Minds

Ephraim Freed

Employee Experience Manager

Stan Garfield

Knowledge Management Author, Speaker, and Community Leader

Beth Gleba

Content Producer and Strategy Consultant

Nancy Goebel

Managing Director, Membership & Strategic Partnerships

Dion Hinchcliffe

Author, Analyst, and Thought Leader

Shimrit Janes

Director of Knowledge

Christine Kohlert

Global Head of Workplace Solutions

Dianna Langley

Digital Workplace Manager

Dana Leeson

Digital Workplace Consultant

Lucas Mburu

Head of Technology Hub

Samia Melhem

Lead Policy Specialist, Transport and Digital Development Global Lead, Digital Development CoP

Paul Miller

CEO and Founder

George Muir

Futurist, Evangelist and Keynote Speaker

Sharon O'Dea

Digital communication and collaboration. Co-founder, Lithos Partners

Ross Parry

Professor and Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital)

Maria Purcell

Sales Manager, EMEA

Susan Quain

Senior Digital Channels and News Manager

Jacqui Randle

Head of Intranet and Organisational Behaviour Change

Daniel Ranta

Executive KM Leader, GE-wide

Robert Rigo

Service Owner - Digital Workplace

Christy Season Punch

Portal Product Manager

Joshua Simons

Kennedy Scholar, Harvard University

Louise Smith

Head of Digitisation, Personal and Business Banking

Ross Tarbard

Senior Internal Communications Officer

Toni Vanwinkle

Sr. Director, IT Employee Experience Solution

Kevin Werbach

Wharton Professor; author of The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust

Andrew Yang

2020 Presidential Candidate

Rita Zonius


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