Visionary thinking
tied to practical guidance

The freedom and creativity enabled by digital tools are transforming work. We’re moving from an ethos of “work as suffering” to a digital ethic of “work as freedom”.

The book has two main parts:

  1. an exploration of how our modern digital world is evolving rapidly and changing our lives and work, and;
  2. guidance for large companies rethinking their digital workplaces.

A guide for digital
workplace leaders

The role of managing a digital workplace is new. It’s not just about technology; it’s about understanding workers’ needs and business challenges, and properly designing an raft of new digital tools to solve problems and deliver business value.

This book provides the roadmap — drawing heavily upon the experience of DWG, which has been helping major organizations improve their digital workplaces for over a decade.

Apply the book’s

Digital workplace business case

Business case for the digital workplace

The ROI and value of digital working

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digital workplace fundamentals

Setting up a digital workplace

The expert blueprint for planning & launching a successful digital workplace initiative

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Reviews and
media coverage

Paul and Elizabeth live at the forefront of the digitization of work, but remain primarily focused on people and the impact of technology on the human condition. The Digital Renaissance of Work provides a fresh and refreshingly optimistic insight into how we’ll work in the future.

Herman Miller

As the digital workplace becomes the borderless enterprise, this book demonstrates pragmatic foresight on the integration of, and augmentation with technology, never losing sight of the fact that humans are at the center of the digital workplace.


The future work agenda is gathering pace – in this optimistic and informative book, Miller and Marsh offer a guide to the thorny challenge of making digital workplace strategies more human.

Future Work

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