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The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future

How to use this book:

  • Roadmap for shifting from an intranet to digital workplace management
  • Guidance on building a coherent digital workplace strategy
  • Inspiration for how to provide true value with digital tools
  • Challenge to colleagues and clients to develop broader visions

What is the digital renaissance?

The Digital Renaissance of Work explores how digital tools are changing our work and our lives more dramatically than we know.

The book explains how companies can harness the power of their digital workplaces to create great value, and identifies how the
rest are rapidly falling behind.”

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Visionary thinking tied to practical guidance

Paul Miller speaking - DWGThe freedom and creativity enabled by digital tools are transforming work. We’re moving from an ethos of “work as suffering” to a digital ethic of “work as freedom”.

The book has two main parts:

  1. an exploration of how our modern digital world is evolving rapidly and changing our lives and work, and
  2. guidance for large companies rethinking their digital workplaces.

Table of Contents

Foreward by Brian Solis (@briansolis)
Part 1: Exploring the digital renaissance of work
  • Chapter 1: Plentiful work we enjoy—a first in human history
  • Chapter 2: The human-centred digital workplace
  • Chapter 3: Where will we work in the physical world
  • Chapter 4: Collaboration—why “teamwork” needs a makeover
  • Chapter 5: There are no jobs—but there is lots of work
  • Chapter 6: Leaders need followers
  • Chapter 7: The price we pay
  • Chapter 8: Education—the revolution starts here
  • Chapter 9: A future fit for work
Part 2: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future
  • Chapter 10: Your digital workplace journey
  • Chapter 11: Making the business case
  • Chapter 12: Designing for a flexible workforce
  • Chapter 13: Setting up the digital workplace programme
  • Chapter 14: Measuring progress and performance

A guide for digital workplace leaders

Elizabeth Marsh - writing - DWGThe role of managing a digital workplace is new. It’s not just about technology; it’s about understanding workers’ needs and business challenges, and properly designing an raft of new digital tools to solve problems and deliver business value.

This book provides the roadmap—drawing heavily upon the experience of the Digital Workplace Group, which has been helping major organizations improve their digital workplaces for over a decade.



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Business case for the digital workplace

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The ROI and value of digital working

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Digital workplace
maturity benchmark

Digital Workplace Map - DWG

Get objective analysis of your digital workplace, and how to improve it

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Setting up a
digital workplace

Setting up a digital workplace

The expert blueprint for planning & launching a successful digital workplace initiative

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Digital workplace strategy checklist

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Checklist for projects

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Meet the authors

Paul Miller

CEO & Founder — Digital Workplace Group

Paul Miller - DWG CEO - drwbook authorPaul Miller is a technology and social entrepreneur, and founder of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG).

He’s been at the heart of the work and technology revolution for over 20 years and has given keynote talks on the digital future of work to senior executives at organizations such as Microsoft, Google and Adobe.

In addition to The Digital Renaissance of Work, he is the author of “The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work”

Connect with Paul on Twitter: @paulmillersays or on Google +.

Elizabeth Marsh

Director of Research — Digital Workplace Group

Elizabeth Marsh - DWG - drwbook authorElizabeth Marsh leads Digital Workplace Group’s best practice research programme.

Now in its tenth year, and with a library of 60+ reports, DWG’s in-depth, case study based research is a trusted source that helps members drive their intranet and digital workplace agenda. She also works closely with DWG’s consulting business.

Prior to joining DWG, Elizabeth held intranet management roles at T-Mobile and Reuters, with broad-ranging responsibilities including community management, internal communications and research.

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Reviews & media coverage

“Paul and Elizabeth live at the forefront

of the digitization of work, but remain primarily focused on people and the impact of technology on the human condition. The Digital Renaissance of Work provides a fresh and refreshingly optimistic insight into how we’ll work in the future.”

Ryan AndersonDirector of Future TechnologyHerman Miller

“As the digital workplace becomes the borderless

enterprise, this book demonstrates pragmatic foresight on the integration of, and augmentation with technology, never losing sight of the fact that humans are at the center of the digital workplace.”

Steven TiellGlobal Head Technology VisionAccenture

“The future work agenda is gathering pace –

in this optimistic and informative book, Miller and Marsh offer a guide to the thorny challenge of making digital workplace strategies more human.”

Alison MaitlandCo-authorFuture Work

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