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Nancy Goebel took over as CEO at the start of 2023. Previously, Nancy was DWG's Managing Director, Member Services, with responsibility for global expansion. Nancy has hosted the Digital Workplace Impact podcast since 2021.


Kevin is a DWG research associate, freelance consultant and business owner in the financial services industry. He has specialty in digital adoption, sustainability and change leadership. He worked previously as a digital workplace executive at Northwestern Mutual.

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“I think that this period of time – from 2008 to today, the introduction of enterprise social networks into our traditional intranets – was in a lot of ways the bridge that organizations and technology providers needed. Between viewing our online spaces as literally just file cabinets where we could find information, to the digital workplace of today. So, if you think about this period as being a bridge, then looking forward now, we have a very broad and wide space of possibility to be able to move into next.”

- Kevin Olp, DWG Research Author and Lead Strategy Consultant

As DWG’s latest member research report is published, Research Author and Lead Strategy Consultant, Kevin Olp, drops into the Digital Workplace Impact studio to unbox his findings on the evolution of enterprise social networks (ESNs).

In Intranet 2.0 and enterprise social networks: How they’ve changed the way we work , Kevin examines how ESNs have been adopted (or not) by organizations, considers the extent to which they’ve changed how we work, and explores how they’ve evolved over the last decade and a half.

Together, Kevin and host, DWG’s Nancy Goebel, use this latest podcast to dig into whether early expectations have been realized, uncover the barriers that have stood in the way, and ponder what can be taken into the future. And, indeed, they ask whether taking a step back to view progress reveals important learnings that will help practitioners to create and sustain thriving ESNs for the future?

So, if where you’re going doesn’t need roads, take a listen today for more that could help you on your journey back to the future of ESNs!

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Kevin Olp
Download the report excerpt: Intranet 2.0 and enterprise social networks: How they’ve changed the way we work
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