Ripples of change: Managing complexity
in the new digital era

Imagine a stone dropped into still water, creating ripple effects that expand far and wide. This was the perfect metaphor for change and complexity in this edition of the Digital Workplace Impact podcast featuring DWG's Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Paul Miller.

With the backdrop of the latest gathering of the DWG Trailblazers, Paul joins podcast host, Nancy Goebel, to explore what came up at the session, which started with the theme of ‘How do you create a high-performing digital workplace team?’, but in the event uncovered much more too.

DWG’s Trailblazers is a group of ambitious, forward-thinking individuals who push the boundaries, constantly considering ‘What next?’, and come together to share the challenges this presents.

Topics such as the narrative of complexity, AI as a double-edged sword, and the unsettling quest for stability were all in the mix in this latest session, along with collective management through complexity, the pyramid perspective, and retaining and building top talent.

As always, Paul takes the strategic view of the intersection between humans, technology and work, helping to make sense of these challenges and offering advice to navigate the ripples of change. So, join Nancy and Paul for a trailblazing conversation which is dripping with fascinating insights.

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Nancy Goebel took over as CEO at the start of 2023. Previously, Nancy was DWG's Managing Director, Member Services, with responsibility for global expansion. Nancy has hosted the Digital Workplace Impact podcast since 2021.


Paul Miller
Paul Miller is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of DWG, and has given many inspirational talks on the digital future of work, for Microsoft, IKEA, Google, Accenture and Harvard Business Review, and written three books. His latest book is Nature of Work – The new Story of Work for a Living Age

Digital workplaces are, I think, pretty fragmented, very disrupted by everything that's been going on in recent years. And, starting to get a sense of where you're at with that – what's working, what's not working, where you need to focus – is a really important calibrator for future action, so you're working with, as we always say, ‘data metrics in a world of opinion’.


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