A sneak peek at what’s coming for DWG24

September 23, 2020

We are very excited here at DWG as our signature online digital workplace event, DWG24, is only days away. The guests are ready, the rehearsals are nearly over and we are gargling honey and lemon to ensure our voices are in tip-top condition!

DWG24 broadcasts from around the world over 24 hours and is TOTALLY FREE to join! This year’s show will be the seventh we have hosted since we first aired back in 2008. Join our expert hosts from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific as they take you live into the digital workplaces of world-leading organizations, with tours, demos and inspiring guest interviews.

We asked two of our most experienced hosts, Rita Zonius and Ephraim Freed, to tell us a bit more about what to expect this year and what they are looking forward to most.

You can read the transcription of their conversation here.

One of the best experiences of DWG24 is to be taken on a live tour every hour of some of the world’s leading digital workplaces. We don’t know of any other event that gives the same kind of access. Earlier this month, Ricky Sicklemore from Stagecoach offered the following preview of what his company will be sharing this year:


DWG24 will also include the live announcement of the winners of the Digital Workplace of the Year Awards, featuring an interview with the winner of both categories: Digital Workplace of the Year and Digital Workplace Leader of the Year.

There have been some excellent and exciting entries this year, so this is definitely something to look out for.

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