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Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) in 2015 - May 20 and 21

Lloyds Bank, Genentech and Mayo Clinic join Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA to give live tours, while gamification guru Mario Herger, Ryan Anderson (Herman Miller) and Peter Miscovich (Jones Lang LaSalle) also sign up to DW24.

If you haven’t already heard, Digital Workplace 24 (DW24) is a mammoth 24 hours of intranet and digital workplace insight, tours and guidance. It’s aimed to help our community around the globe come together virtually in one place, to learn from each other, connect, and help shape the future of work.

The human-centred digital workplace

We think and talk about the human-centred digital workplace a lot here at DWG (see our new book The Digital Renaissance of Work as just one example). Every day we work with our members, clients and wider community to shape technology environments that are fit for people and to help people understand how to make the best of their technology environment.

The latest presenters to sign up to DW24 are a testament to this approach.

Live tours and usability from Genentech, Lloyds Banking Group and Mayo Clinic

Joining Adobe, Barclays, EY and IKEA, we have three fantastic additions to our live tours roster. Each presenter joining us has strong expertise in user experience and will be sharing insights into a field that can help make intranets and the digital workplace truly human-centred.

  • Genentech: Senior Manager of Digital Communications Sharif Ezzet will be treating DW24 attendees to a tour of Genentech’s 2012 NN/g award-winning intranet “gWiz”, as well as insights from his own expertise at the crossroads of storytelling and science. A specialist in user experience and video, Sharif has also previously presented at a DWG Member meeting, sharing insights into a platform focused on facilitating employee connections and communication.
  • TSB Bank: A number of DWG Members were treated to a hosted meeting with TSB Bank (spun out of Lloyds Banking Group) in October 2014. Now, Dan Thomas from the TSB Digital Communications Team will be joining us online in May to share a live tour of their intranet. With a strong focus on usability, Dan’s hour will provide fantastic insights into how they developed this task-based platform, which also supports leaders’ mobile recorded vlogs (video blogs).
  • Mayo Clinic: Having won a NN/g award for their intranet in 2014, Mayo Clinic has previously shared with our community the importance of user personas for creating a compelling intranet experience for their people. Senior User Interface Designer/Developer Gianna LaPin will be taking us through their platform and sharing their approach to persona-driven design.

Thought leadership into gamification and the future of work

As well as a live tour, each DW24 hour slot will feature an interview with a thought leader from the digital workplace field. These men and women are the ones with one eye on the future of the world of work, who are helping shape the relationship between technology and people.

Digital analyst, anthropologist and futurist Brian Solis, and Estee Lauder Companies’ Executive Director of Global Digital Communications Kerry O’Donnell are both already signed up to speak on the future of work and digital workplace visions and strategy. We are now delighted to announce we have two additional fantastic speakers lined up.

  • Mario Herger, CEO & Founder (Enterprise Gamification): While some are still unsure how to integrate gamification techniques into their digital workplace strategies, Mario is an expert in applying the principles of game design within the enterprise (as well as for parenting and a number of other areas). Joining us on DW24, he’ll be speaking on how organizations can harness gamification to support their business objectives, positively impact productivity and support millennials coming into the workplace.
  • Ryan Anderson, Director of Future Technology (Herman Miller) and Peter Miscovich, Managing Director (Jones Lang LaSalle): The digital workplace doesn’t exist in a bubble away from the rest of the world. Rather, it can work hand in hand with the physical, creating an environment that supports the people working within it. Ryan and Peter will be joining us to share their insights into this emerging field, with Ryan providing particular focus on Herman Miller’s Living Office.

24 hours of digital workplace insight and discussion – for free

Wherever you are, whichever time zone, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there is a DW24 slot for you. You can choose to tune in for just one hour, dip in and out during the day, or join us for the whole 24 hours. Whichever strategy you adopt, we can guarantee practical insights from our thought leaders and insightful tours from our practitioners.

And, best of all, there’s no need to make the business case for a travel and hotel budget, or catch a red-eye flight: this conference is on the house from us and in-house for you.

Here are a few things you can do right now to make sure you don’t miss this great event:

  • Make sure you’re registered. The first step is: sign up now! What’s more, if you register before 12th February, we’ll donate $1 to Apps for Good on your behalf.
  • Take a look at the conference schedule, work out which hours are best suited for you, and block out the time in your diary. Or decide whether you’re going to brave our 24-hour Wide Awake Club.
  • Arrange a viewing party and recreate the feeling of a conference with your colleagues. We’ve pulled together a handy checklist to help you get set up.
  • Share details of the conference with your colleagues and peers. If there are particular stakeholders you’re looking to engage in your programme, or if you know of others in your network who would be interested, this is a great opportunity to reach out to them.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already signed up, come join us and your peers for this global coming-together of the intranet and digital workplace community.

About the author

Shimrit Janes, Community Manager and Researcher for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Shimrit Janes is the Director of Knowledge at the Digital Workplace Group. Shimrit is responsible for driving the research, knowledge and content agendas for DWG’s new arm dedicated to non-profits and governmental organizations: Digital Nations Group (DNG).

Connect with Shimrit on Twitter: @shimritjanes.

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