What makes Adobe’s new intranet so beautiful? Live tour on Feb 4th webinar

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Webinar summary: Tune in to Digital Workplace Live (#dwlive) on Tuesday, February 4th to see Inside Adobe, Adobe’s beautiful new intranet which is built on its own platform CMS – Adobe Experience Manager (CQ/Day).

Show topics:1) “How to shift from an intranet to digital workplace strategy” with DWG benchmarker Chris Tubb (@ChrisTubb)
2) Live tour of Inside Adobe with Andrea Brant and Ray Brulotte, leaders of Adobe’s intranet programme
Date & time:Tues, Feb 4th  |  11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
Access:Guests can sign up for a one-time free guest pass. Subscribers and DWG members will receive login details via email.

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Adobe’s intranet is beautiful, as you’d expect

Just weeks after it launched I got to see Adobe’s new intranet. It was gorgeous. Clean lines, simple colours, balanced homepage content.

The Adobe team combined that quality feel with user-centred design for the site navigation and useful features such as:

  1. personalization
  2. social activity streams on the homepage and
  3. megamenus.

All of this they accomplished using Adobe’s own content management system (CMS) of course – Adobe Experience Manager (formerly “Day Software” and “Adobe CQ”).

Join Digital Workplace Live on Tuesday, February 4th to see the site for yourself and hear from:

  • Andrea Brant, Group Manager, Digital Communications
  • Ray Brulotte, Senior Manager Inside Adobe/Intranet.

Andrea, Ray and their team have been on a fascinating intranet journey for the past couple of years. Early on in the process they even presented their site mockups to a DWG Member Meeting to gather honest feedback from a room full of intranet professionals.

Seeing Adobe’s beautiful new intranet is a testament to the power of good intranet practices and running an ongoing intranet programme, rather than just an intranet project.

IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live

For those familiar with IBF Live, please note that the show is now called Digital Workplace Live. Read about the switch from #ibflive to #dwlive.

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