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DWG Peer Learning

Peer learning fact sheet

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DWG offers members a variety of confidential peer learning channels, tools and venues.
Day-long in-person meetings, monthly show-and-tell webinars and private online
social networking sites are all included in your membership.

DWG peer learning events & resources

In-person member meetings
1 and 2-day hosted events

Private member extranet
Research, videos, networking

Member Yammer network
Connect & share on-demand

Online Knowledge Exchanges
Targeted topics for discussion

Digital Workplace Labs online
Advanced sharing sessions

Digital Workplace Live monthly broadcast
Live intranet tours & experts

“The most valuable thing about DWG is being able to meet your peers. If you work in intranets, it’s normally a closed community… But in this forum, you know you’re going to get honest answers and honest opinions.”

Mark Mazza - Lloyds Banking Group

Mark Mazza
Senior Manager, Digital Projects
Lloyds Banking Group

6 channels for DWG peer learning

Member meetings

3.1 Member meetings

  • Face-to-face networking and member site visits
  • Held five times a year in Europe or North America
  • Hosted by members who are major global companies
  • Unique agendas designed around members’ needs

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Member extranet

3.2 Member extranet

  • Our unrivalled collection of intranet and digital workplace resources, available 24/7
  • Browse our complete research library and download what you need
  • Consult the latest league tables on benchmarking performance
  • Identify current best practice in our benchmarking “knowledge base”

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Member Yammer network

3.3 Yammer network

  • Post a query, make connections or simply join the conversation in our member discussion forum
  • Tap the expertise of over 1,000 intranet and digital workplace professionals
  • Get rapid responses to questions that have stumped your team
  • Identify other members who are facing the same challenges

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Knowledge Exchanges online

3.4 Knowledge Exchanges

  • Delve deep into specific intranet issues in our one-hour facilitated online gatherings
  • Get up to speed quickly on topics of practical relevance – from SharePoint to search
  • Hear about the latest industry developments from specially-invited experts 
  • All episodes recorded and stored on our member extranet

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Digital Workplace Labs online

3.5 Digital workplace labs

  • A unique mix of digital workplace presentations and discussions, exclusive to our members and associates
  • The only forum to look strategically at the future world of work
  • Focus is on how new digital ecosystems are impacting both users and employers
  • Essential for everyone with an interest in user-centred work environments

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Digital Workplace Live monthly web broadcasts

3.6 Digital Workplace Live

  • A monthly online broadcast, featuring live interviews and tours of some of the world’s best intranets and digital workplaces
  • One hour of topical, focused conversation led by DWG and guest presenters
  • See an intranet or digital workplace in action, followed by feedback and discussions
  • Tune in live or catch up with previous episodes on our member extranet

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