Webinar: How Suncor’s streamlined intranet design enables a sophisticated strategy

February 19, 2014 by

Webinar summary: See Suncor’s simple yet sophisticated intranet and hear from global expert James Robertson on the shift from intranet to digital workplace perspective, all on the March 4th episode of Digital Workplace Live.

Show topics:1) Live intranet tour from Suncor, where sophisticated thinking leads to seemingly simple designs
2) Thought leader James Robertson on the shift from intranet to digital workplace thinking
Date & time:Tues, March 4th  |  11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
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Suncor: intranet going social in a “traditional” industry

Suncor intranet, live tour on Digital Workplace Live March 4th 2014Suncor is an energy company that, among other things, mines oil sands. This sounds like very labour-intensive work in a very industrial industry. But Suncor is anything but normal.

For 2014 Suncor has been voted one of Canada’s top 100 places to work, due in large part to its comprehensive employee development and benefits programmes (onsite daycare anyone?).

Suncor’s corporate vision and mission take root in the triple bottom line concept, aiming for “economic prosperity, improved social well-being and a healthy environment for today and tomorrow”.

So it’s no surprise that the design of Suncor’s intranet, called “The Core”, puts employees first by providing a simple experience and thoughtful use of social features.

On the March 4th show hear from Suncor’s intranet from:

  • David Coman, Team Lead eCommunications Intranet, Suncor
  • Maria Cuartas, Intranet Advisor, Suncor.

During the live intranet tour see how the clean and simple appearance of Suncor’s intranet hides a sophisticated and thoughtful intranet strategy.

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James Robertson on shifting to a “digital workplace” perspective

James Robertson intranet expertJames Robertson (@s2d_jamesr) is an Australian gardener, beekeeper and cyclist.

He’s also one of the best known intranet experts in the world, runs the annual Intranet Innovation Awards (IIAs) and has written three of the most useful intranet books you can find.

During the March 4th episode of Digital Workplace Live James will explain the evolution from an intranet to a digital workplace strategy.

After over a decade of helping companies improve their intranets, James now sees the concept of the “digital workplace” cohering to become useful, relevant and critically important.

IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live

For those familiar with IBF Live, please note that the show is now called Digital Workplace Live. Read about the switch from #ibflive to #dwlive.

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