The best IBF member intranets and digital workplaces receive IBF Mark and advance to new levels

June 2, 2011 by

The much prized IBF Mark has been in place since 2009 to recognise and acclaim those DWG member intranets which perform the best in our independent benchmarking evaluations. But we have a problem – but it’s a good one to have!

Due to the exceptional performance of some DWG members we now need to establish a “premium” stamp for our most exceptional intranets, those with consistently high scores across the different areas of intranet and digital workplace management and performance.

Working with the IBF Member Advisory Panel, our expert benchmarking data managers are making two changes to our recognition scheme:

  • instead of one Mark we now have two: the IBF Mark, which is awarded to members achieving an above-average overall score in our benchmarking evaluation, and an IBF Mark ‘Advanced’ for members who post a high overall score and consistent high performance across different metrics.
  • the criteria for awarding the Mark, while still based on our ‘Intranet Quotient’ comparative scoring method, have been revised.

Recipients of the Mark will be allowed to display the IBF Mark or the IBF Mark Advanced logo on their intranets and corporate literature for a period of two years as long as they remain members of IBF. The Mark will be withdrawn if an intranet is not re-evaluated in that time, or fails to achieve our qualifying criteria in a subsequent evaluation.

Helen Day, DWG’s Managing Director, comments: “There is so much tired and dejected talk in our industry about the supposed poor state of intranets but that is not what we see daily among the world’s most advanced DWG members. Many are not just improving in small steps but making profound changes to reflect their shift to the digital workplace. Set your sights high and be brave and passionate is what we say and we believe the Mark should be attainable by all DWG members and be seen as a helpful milestone on the route to high achievement. For the highest performers they can aspire to the IBF Mark “Advanced” as they and IBF push the boundaries of workplace technology forward.”

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Helen Day

Helen is responsible for the management and development of the Digital Workplace Group of businesses. Her role includes chairing DWG member meetings in the UK and Europe, and developing business strategy with our customers. Helen started with DWG as a benchmarker of global member intranets and author of research reports in the areas of communication, strategy and governance. Prior to this, she worked for the UK-based pharmacy chain Boots the Chemists for 14 years, setting up the organization’s first intranet and becoming Group Intranet Manager in the 1990s.

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