Tackling the laziness lie with Dr Devon Price

November 17, 2021

When you look to nature, do you see lazy trees or lazy animals? No, they simply rest. But turn the lens on to humans and laziness is widely recognized and, in most cases, reviled through prejudices such as fatphobia, ableism and classism.

“The people who we call lazy, who we admonish for not committing themselves hard enough to some task, are almost always the people facing the biggest barriers, overcoming the greatest challenges and juggling the most responsibilities of all.”

Dr Devon Price Ph.D.

Dr Devon Price challenges the concept and even the existence of laziness in their new book, Laziness does not exist: A defense of the exhausted, exploited, and overworked. At the core is the ‘laziness lie’, which falsely tells us we are not working or learning hard enough. Dr Price joins Paul and Shimrit, and together they begin to unpack the term, the stigma and the damage caused when we insist on measuring our self-worth in terms of our productivity.

This conversation is a powerful wake-up call to slow down and rethink what we value in life, to shake off workplace guilt and, most importantly, to trust in our colleagues.

Listen to Episode 7: Tackling the laziness lie with Dr Devon Price

Guest speaker: Dr Devon Price Ph.D.

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