See two 2014 Nielsen award-winning intranets live on Apr 1st

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Nielsen intranet winners on Digital Workplace Live

Webinar summary: On Tuesday, April 1st join Digital Workplace Live to see tours of two 2014 Nielsen Intranet Design Annual winning intranets and hear from special guest Amy Shade, User Experience Director at the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).

Show topics:1) Live intranet tour from Allianz Australia
2) Live intranet tour from Triptic
3) Insights from Amy Schade of Nielsen Norman Group
Date & time:Tues, April 1st  |  11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
Access:Guests can sign up for a one-time free guest pass. Subscribers and DWG members will receive login details via email.

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Allianz Australia: all the right intranet moves

Allianz Australia logo - intranet tourAllianz Australia is a 3,800-person insurance company and part of the Allianz Group, which has over 170,000 employees in over 70 countries. The company won a 2014 Intranet Design Annual award and will provide a live intranet tour on the April 1st episode of Digital Workplace Live.

When they built their new award-winning intranet, the Allianz Australia intranet team did one thing right: everything!

Intranet best practices they followed, which led to their user-friendly site, included:

  • Internal campaign to name the new intranet
  • A plan for ongoing resourcing after launch
  • A strong governance framework
  • Needs analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Direct user observation in the workplace
  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing

Highlights of the resulting site include rich, inviting homepage news and powerful navigational elements.

Triptic: small agency goes big (and medium and small)

Triptic logo - live intranet tourTriptic is a 20-person online communications agency in The Netherlands which used its own custom design methodology to build its own intranet. The company won a 2014 Nielsen Intranet Design Annual award and will provide a live intranet tour on the April 1st episode of Digital Workplace Live.

Highlights of the Triptic intranet include:

  • Responsive design that renders well across devices (big, medium and small screens)
  • Flat, boxy design a la Windows 8 and iOS 7
  • Offbeat images, bright colours and simple text
  • Integrated collaborative tools
  • Integrated operational tools and data
  • Persistent right-rail navigation that includes:
    • Search
    • People search
    • Document lists
    • Conversations

Most impressive about Triptic’s intranet is that an intranet team at a small company could deliver such big (medium and small) results.

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Amy Schade, User Experience Director at NN/g

Amy Schade of Nielsen Norman GroupAmy Schade’s resume is downright intimidating. She’s a master of all things related to user experience design (also known as “user-centred design”). She’s a prolific author under the Nielsen Norman Group banner. She’s an expert user experience (UX) trainer and speaker.

Most importantly, though, she’s coming on Digital Workplace Live on April 1st.

As a special guest Amy will talk about the latest batch of Intranet Design Annual Award winners and share insights on the current trends in intranet and digital workplace design.

IBF Live is now Digital Workplace Live

For those familiar with IBF Live, please note that the show is now called Digital Workplace Live. Read about the switch from #ibflive to #dwlive.

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