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Nancy Goebel is DWG’s Deputy CEO. In addition to leading service delivery and member engagement, Nancy is also responsible for global expansion.


Digital Workplace Impact Podcasts 2021

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To mark the fast-approaching first anniversary of her time as host, Nancy spotlights the 10 most popular podcast conversations from Digital Workplace Impact in 2021.

These conversations bring us the inspiring, the exotic, the practical, the visionary, the challenging and the exciting, including guests from Fidelity Investments, HSBC, energy company Uniper and The World Bank. And, as well as the many well-known international brands, there have also been some great conversations with members of the DWG team, who shared insights from DWG research on AI, robots and automation, and organizational readiness, enlightened us with future digital workplace visions, and introduced the exciting new book, Nature of Work.

A huge thank you to all our guests – and we look forward to many more inspiring conversations throughout 2022!

Links to episodes:

Diving into DWG’s latest organizational readiness thinking
The phantasmagorical future of work – dreamt up by DWG’s Ed Taylor
Nature of Work interview – The new story of work for a living age
Connecting the HSBC frontline in the days of COVID
The World Bank’s guide to mind-blowing onboarding and inboarding
The luckiest CIO in the world!
Paul Miller’s digital workplace predictions for 2021
The power of ‘data pictures’ in the post pandemic world of work
What it takes to be a game changer in the digital workplace

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