Digital Workplace Impact’s 2023 highlights reel

In this year’s first episode of Digital Workplace Impact, host Nancy Goebel takes a look at the top podcasts from the 2023 series and offers you a résumé of those that proved most popular with listeners.

As a baker’s half dozen, this collection is a highlights reel of delights. Each podcast presents the opportunity to learn more not only about recent industry insights and developments, but also about key players and change-makers.

Topics covered last year were wide and varied: from DWG's own predictions for the industry to living examples of digital transformation; from a people-first approach to AI through to impact stories from DWG’s awards programme, leading research, and more.

All had common threads – lively conversation, thought-provoking ideas and insightful questioning – along with helpful advice for digital workplace leaders and practitioners everywhere.

So, to get closer to ideas and developments that helped to shape the digital workplace last year, take a listen to Nancy’s ‘baker’s half dozen’ collection of the top Digital Workplace Impact podcasts from 2023.

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Nancy Goebel took over as CEO at the start of 2023. Previously, Nancy was DWG's Managing Director, Member Services, with responsibility for global expansion. Nancy has hosted the Digital Workplace Impact podcast since 2021.


Guests include Stacie Barrett, Domino's; Florin Rotar, Avanade; Kevin Olp, freelance research author; Shimrit Janes, DWG; Darrell Webster, independent consultant; and Alessandro Ventura, Unilever.

I've decided to curate a list of our top seven podcasts of 2023. I'm thinking of this collection as a baker's half dozen. What they all have in common is that they reflect my commitment to investigating and exploring the ideas, the practices, and the people impacting the digital worlds of work.

CEO, Digital Workplace Group

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