Prioritizing digital accessibility to create workplaces that thrive

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Nancy Goebel took over as CEO at the start of 2023. Previously, Nancy was DWG's Managing Director, Member Services, with responsibility for global expansion. Nancy has hosted the Digital Workplace Impact podcast since 2021.


Shimrit is Director of Knowledge for DWG, focused on curating knowledge on the digital workplace for its members and clients such as Adobe, The Coca-Cola Company, and Ubisoft. Shimrit has recently co-authored Nature of Work: The new story of work for a living age with Paul Miller.

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“Accessibility is essentially about equity. That's why it needs to be an important part of DEI work. It ensures that everyone can access the resources they need, not just to survive, but to thrive.”

- Shimrit Janes, DWG’s Director of Knowledge

Creating digital accessibility is a responsibility and an opportunity all at once.

In this episode of Digital Workplace Impact, host Nancy Goebel is once again joined by the insightful and astute Shimrit Janes, DWG’s Director of Knowledge. Together, they examine the importance of prioritizing digital accessibility, the subject of Shimrit’s final chapter in the new DWG three-part research series, The inclusive digital workplace .

The discussion journeys through understanding disabilities and the role of accessibility in removing environmental, systemic and attitudinal barriers to participation.

The pair stop to explore the backdrop of four disability models and the fit these have with the digital workplace. Also under scrutiny is a case study from MassMutual and a range of insights, including the crucial part that digital accessibility can play in helping to create a healthy living system within an organization.

Shimrit’s advice throughout? Adopt a learning mindset to uncover what you don’t know, how you can start to learn more, and just why it’s so important to do so.
For a thought-provoking discussion that can help propel your thinking on digital accessibility, listen now.

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