Digital Workplace Impact Podcast – Episode 8 – Real-world usability in the modern digital workplace

Updated: April 5, 2023

Real-life usability in the modern digital workplace

The latest episode in our series of Digital Workplace Impact podcasts is now live!

Usability in the workplace is no longer limited to user experience (UX) within a physical office. Because the boundaries within which we work have changed, usability now needs to extend to include the digital workplace and beyond. As expectations and work practices evolve, placing employees’ needs at the forefront becomes ever more important.

This episode explores how organizations are focusing on user experience in order to positively change the culture and working environment, and to engage and motivate employees. Our guests, Paul Boag, User Experience Designer, and Anil Kumar, Employee Experience Director at Verizon, have directed a raft of progressive UX initiatives.

They share their insights and ambitions; explain why, in reality, UX isn’t always so straightforward; and explore how to overcome such challenges.

Listen to Episode 8 – Real-world usability in the modern digital workplace

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