Meeting the findability challenge in Office 365

July 29, 2020 Updated: April 2, 2023 by

The rise of Office 365 in recent years is unquestionable. More and more organizations are moving their content and applications to the cloud and, with that, findability has become a more and more pressing issue.

Moreover, the complex feature set of Office 365 makes the journey even more challenging: users start using more and more functions, often without proper governance. It’s an easy and simple way to create content silos with a jungle of content duplication.

When consulting with all types of organizations around the globe, the tendency we see is clear: the more services and content organizations have in Office 365, the better options users need in order to be able to find the content they require to get their jobs done. Crafting collaborative content is easier than ever – so finding it should be too.

For a few years, Microsoft seemed to lose focus around search, but as the Microsoft Graph has become stronger and more and more isolated and fragmented search experiences were evolving in Office 365, Microsoft rolled out Microsoft Search, the unified and consolidated search experience in the cloud.

However, there is a challenge: Microsoft Search currently doesn’t have all the features of the “classic” search. Therefore, organizations find themselves in a weird situation: “classic” search is already legacy and will not be updated any more, and yet Microsoft Search does not have all the features companies need, especially when it comes to customization. The direction is clear, but it will take a while to get there.

DWG’s latest research paper, Office 365 Search: A guide for digital workplace teams, introduces the features, as well as the limitations, of Office 365 Search today and also summarizes what we know about the future roadmap and upcoming new features and enhancements. The primary goal is to provide practical information and guidance on the ever-changing, complex topic of Search in Office 365.

The paper also presents real-world examples of how companies are refining the Office 365 search experience within their organizations, demonstrated in case studies from Korn Ferry and PMG Fonds. You can download the executive summary – and sample pages – from the report today.

Download the Office 365 Boxset, which includes executive summaries and selected excerpts from “Office 365 Search: A guide for digital workplace teams”, “Office 365: Making use of the extended suite of products” and “Office 365: What digital workplace teams need to know”.

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Agnes Molnar

Lead Consultant

Agnes Molnar is a Lead Consultant at DWG and the Managing Consultant at Search Explained. She has more than a decade of experience helping companies to reap maximum benefits from enterprise search. She is passionate about helping organizations to become more productive and efficient so that they can succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world. Agnes is a founding member of The Search Network, a global community of independent search professionals, and a contributor to Search Insights 2018 and Search Insights 2019.

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