Is your intranet better than this one?

April 12, 2014 by

Synopsis: The first entry in the My Beautiful Intranet 2014 competition is in! It’s a real looker, but is it the most beautiful intranet out there?

See the My Beautiful Intranet 2014 competition page to vote on entries, submit your own intranet homepage screenshots and see contest guidelines and details.

The first brave soul: Daniel Merton, Intranet Manager at Legal & General

Our hearty thanks to Daniel Merton (Daniel on LinkedIn), Intranet Manager at Legal & General, for submitting the very first entry to My Beautiful Intranet 2014.

Legal & General is one of the largest investment companies in the UK, with worldwide investments totalling more than £450 billion. The company provides personal and employer-based financial services, such as retirement investments, life insurance and mortgages. When looking for retirement investments some retirees will find that using something similar to an equity release calculator to find out how it might be able to help with their investments.

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The Legal & General intranet goes by the name “Landscape” and serves mostly UK-based employees as well as some other workers around the world.

DWG analysis of Legal & General’s intranet

The main criteria we will be using to judge intranet screenshots for My Beautiful Intranet boil down to this consideration: How do 1) visual design, 2) intranet functionality, and 3) usefulness come together?

Our judges will look for the successful intersection of these three elements. Below we have put together a very simple analysis of the first contest submission.

Is your intranet more beautiful? Your mobile site/app?

The Legal & General intranet is thoughtfully designed. It combines rich imagery with careful use of colours and layouts. But the functionality and utility don’t quite shine through.

Do you think your intranet creates the right balance?

Enter your intranet screenshots in My Beautiful Intranet 2014.

The entry deadline is Friday, May 16th, but submitting your entry early will help you garner precious votes.


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