Intranet thought leader Andy Jankowski to deliver keynote at the Ragan Communications 2011 Intranet Summit in Chicago

October 21, 2011 by

21st October 2011, New York

The Digital Workplace Group is delighted to announce that IBF Global Director Andy Jankowski will be delivering the opening keynote speech at the forthcoming Ragan Communications 2011 Intranet Summit in Chicago on 15th November.  Jankowski’s presentation is entitled “The Digital Workplace Maturity Model: Moving from publishing to people.”

The 2011 Intranet Summit, organized by Ragan Communications, is a one-day conference which brings together thought leaders in the intranet space.  The conference explores various themes including how organisations can fundamentally improve their intranet and integrate social tools. It takes place at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center in Chicago on 15th November 2011.

Andy Jankowski said, “I’m honored to be delivering the opening keynote at such a prestigious event.  When it comes to communication, Ragan are number one and it’s no surprise that they’ve assembled such an excellent line-up including Donna Long from Verizon and Blair Klein from AT&T.”

Jankowski continued “Social tools are transforming intranets and internal communications. The home page is no longer just a place to publish corporate news. It’s about facilitating real conversations and surfacing content that comes directly from employees.  I’ll be talking about the Digital Workplace Group’s own Digital Workplace Maturity Model. Based on years of experience benchmarking the world’s leading intranets, this tool can help intranet teams and internal communication functions think strategically about their intranet.  At last you really can use your intranet to deliver more effective messages, increase employee engagement and improve internal processes.”

The keynote at the Ragan Communications 2011 Intranet Summit is the third speaking engagement in a very busy fall for Jankowski. Having already spoken at the Social Intranet Summit and KMWorld 2011, further presentations include an appearance at PS Engage 2011.

About Andy Jankowski

Andy Jankowski is a Global Director of the Digital Workplace Group.  Over the past 16 years he has served as an advisor for Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young and Andersen in the areas of enterprise communication and collaboration. He is a frequent conference speaker and an avid road cyclist. Andy enjoys connecting people and dots.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Hanover College and is currently studying positive psychology.

You can follow Andy Jankowski on Twitter at @andyjankowski

About the Ragan Communications 2011 Intranet Summit

The Summit takes place on the 15th November at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Centre, Chicago, IL.  Delegates who attend will be able to know how to:

  • Establish a governance model that doesn’t stifle employee freedom
  • Mature your intranet: know what the modern intranet offers
  • Recruit younger workers to “reverse-mentor” leaders on what social business really means
  • Create a content calendar that will keep the intranet fresh and up-to-date
  • Write good online content—it takes longer than you think
  • Pull your organization out of the unproductive, reply-all email pit
  • Engage employees through personal connections on workplace social networks
  • Get intensified employee engagement: Create gaming and rewards on your intranet
  • Integrate critical enterprise applications into your intranet in a way that engages users
  • And so much more!

You can find out more information at

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