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Episode: 49

Walmart – Inside (probably) the world’s biggest intranet

Walmart – Inside (probably) the world’s biggest intranet

“It is equally important that we do the right things for the community, and that’s not just the company making a donation, for example, but that there’s input from the associates, from the store manager on how donations happen at their community level.”

– Steve Wilson, Walmart

With 1.5 million employees, Walmart undoubtedly has one of, if not the largest intranet in the world. In addition, it is clever enough to distinguish between whether an employee is logging in within their working hours or “off the clock” and to serve up content accordingly. And as well as connecting employees to each other, the intranet works to connect them to their communities.

Paul talks to Steve Wilson, Director, Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement at Walmart, about the impressive thinking behind the intranet, the content strategy, and keeping up with the speed of culture.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
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Steve Wilson, Director, Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement, Walmart

Steve Wilson has 20 years’ experience leading marketing, communications and product management teams, demonstrating significant skill in leveraging traditional, digital, social media marketing & communications channels; competitive team building; establishing and maintaining profitable strategic partner and channel relationships; interactive marketing efforts; and product management for leading global companies.

Steve has a consistent track record of excelling within “high-performance cultures” with successful tenures at Walmart, McDonald’s, Microsoft and Oracle Corporation. His leadership participation has included corporate-wide business processes such as strategic goal setting, voice-of-the-customer, leadership and organization review, annual operating planning, and cost/quality management. He is known for strong team building and personnel development.

As a leader Steve delivers passion and creativity to business challenges, tempered by common sense, and he works consistently to develop a culture that asks “How can we…?” rather than “We can’t because…”.

Steve’s specialties include social media and new media/digital strategy, corporate and employee communications, enterprise content management systems, team building, global collaboration, new venture analysis and global enterprise implementation.


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