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Episode: 17

How NASA explores digital space in the 21st century

How NASA explores digital space in the 21st century

“With this generation, the ego is not as great as it was 20 or 30 years ago; the ego has shifted from the individual to the team.”

– David Meza, NASA

Since its inception in 1958, NASA has accumulated a wealth of data and information as part of its spectacular research programme. One of its most significant challenges is how to turn this data and information into actionable knowledge. As Chief Knowledge Architect, our guest, David Meza grapples with this challenge every day. By introducing a new framework, which combines knowledge management, knowledge informatics and data science, he and his team have been able to reduce search time from months to hours and to save millions of dollars.

And looking forward, David talks to Paul Miller about how NASA hopes to incorporate artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality into their work.

Tune in to hear David’s thoughts on what it’s like to work at NASA; our (sometimes unhealthy) dependency on technology; and how the digital workplace has influenced the transition from working solo to team working (and the demise of the ego!).

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David Meza, NASA

David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect, NASA Johnson Space Center

David Meza currently serves as the Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA Johnson Space
Center (JSC). During his tenure at NASA, he has worked in all aspects of the Information
Technology field, developing and deploying several IT systems in use at JSC. In his current role at JSC, David established the Knowledge Architecture framework, promoting a
viewpoint of organizational leadership that stresses the use of knowledge management,
informatics and data science as methods to turn data into actionable knowledge. He is
currently conducting research on Automatic Classification algorithms, domain-specific
search interfaces, topic modeling, and data-driven visualization. David holds a Master’s in Engineering Management from the University of Houston Clear Lake, where he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education.

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