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Episode: 9

Fusing the digital and physical workplaces

Fusing the digital and physical workplaces

“People are mobile – you just can’t predict that someone will do one type of work at their desk, and another type of work somewhere else.”

– Ryan Anderson, Herman Miller

Gone are the days where we have to sit at the same desk day in, day out. The way we work has changed; the digital workplace is growing and the purpose of the physical workplace has to be redefined for it to remain relevant. Cue the connected workplace – designed to enhance the happiness and productivity of the workforce.

When employees have the option to work wherever they choose, a physical workplace needs to offer more than just a desk and Wi-Fi. Our guests, Karen Gill from Fidelity and Ryan Anderson from Herman Miller, share their experiences and explain how to transform the physical workplace from somewhere you have to go to into somewhere you want to be.

With the increasing consumerization of the workplace, we explore how ‘biophilic design’ (yes, it gets explained!), sustainability and the Internet of Things are (just some of the matters) shaping the way we design and use successful physical workplaces.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
The Timeless Way of Building, Christopher Alexander
A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander
Biophilic Design


Ryan Anderson, Director of Commercialization & Business Development, IoT Solutions, Herman Miller

Ryan Anderson is Director of Commercialization and Business Development for Herman Miller’s connected (Internet of Things) solutions. His work focuses on applying emerging technologies to enhance the value and performance of Herman Miller’s existing and future product portfolio. His 22-year career in the office furniture industry has focused on helping organizations to evolve their work environments to incorporate changes in technology and work. This has involved leading a team exploring the relationship between emerging technologies and the future of the workplace in collaboration with Skype, Google, Samsung, HP, Logitech, SMART, Crestron and others. Ryan has been published in Wired, the BBC and Drucker Exchange; was interviewed in the June issue of Fortune; and has contributed to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company and beyond.

Karen Gill, Vice President, Workplace Strategy, Fidelity Investments

Karen’s passion is to help create great spaces (both virtual and physical) that foster the desired culture of an organization. She has extensive experience in a wide range of industries working with architects and designers to solve critical business issues using a human-centred design approach, which nurtures an effective workplace strategy. Having lived and worked for years in Asia-Pacific, Karen also brings a rich understanding of cultural diversity and generational influences to her work. She recently moved from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to be Vice President of Workplace Strategy for Fidelity Investments. She and her family have happily relocated back to the Boston area and she welcomes conversations about research and opinions on the future world of work.

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