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Episode: 13

Facebook, Oxfam and ‘digital leapfrogging’

Facebook, Oxfam and ‘digital leapfrogging’

“We believe that when everyone is connected, great things happen in terms of productivity – and when you give a voice to everyone, ultimately it creates a different type of organization.”

– Julien Codorniou, Workplace by Facebook

Today, it is easier than ever to connect digitally with others around the world. Within the workplace, for those who sit in front of a computer, this is a straightforward task. However, how can the millions of employees who don’t sit at desks connect digitally with the rest of the organization? Thanks to the vision of forward-thinking leaders, frontline workers are leapfrogging to a new generation of communication and collaboration tools.

In October 2016, Facebook officially launched Workplace by Facebook, with a mission to connect the previously unconnected. VP, Julien Codorniou, explains how its new platform has been able to successfully connect factory workers, holiday reps and baristas with the wider business.

Oxfam, an early adopter of Workplace by Facebook, comprises a confederation of 17 member organizations, working in more than 90 countries, and aspires to work as one digital workplace. Oxfam America’s Neal McCarthy tells us how it is transforming the way its employees share information and knowledge, and how these learnings are being used to help Oxfam reach the very people it’s trying to help.

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Portrait of Julien Codorniou

Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace by Facebook

Julien Codorniou serves as the Vice President of Workplace by Facebook. He joined Facebook in 2011 to manage the gaming team in EMEA and then led the global Platform Partnerships team, helping Facebook partners to build, grow and monetize their apps with Platform.

Before Facebook, he was Director of Business Development at Microsoft Corp, where he launched the BizSpark programme.

Since 2012, Julien has served on the board of the French media group Le Monde. He’s also the co-author of the book: “The success story”, published by Pearson in 2005.

Neal McCarthy, Senior Manager, Shared Services Applications, Oxfam America

Neal promotes a rights-based approach to information systems, asserting that users (including Oxfam staff and partners, as well as the communities they serve) have a right to the systems they need to work effectively and with impact.

Neal leads the FC3 (Find, Connect, Collaborate, Consolidate) Project for Oxfam International, delivering a new suite of collaboration tools to all 10,000 Oxfam staff in all locations. He also leads the Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) initiative at Oxfam America, focused on increasing the use of technology in its programme work to improve effectiveness and amplify impact.

Neal has degrees in both Computer Science and Development Studies, so he speaks the languages (and acronyms!) of both sectors. He has worked in technology since 1994, and in the non-profit sector since 2003 in Ireland, Sudan, Canada and the US. He’s been with Oxfam since 2009.

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