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Episode: 7

Digitally transforming two of the world’s oldest banks

Digitally transforming two of the world’s oldest banks

“Any idiot with money can buy iPads and WiFi; but digital transformation involves people. How could we ever convince our customers about digital if our colleagues weren’t confident?”

– Steven Roberts, Barclays

Traditional banks are striving to remain relevant and to provide an experience that the new generation expects. New, tech-savvy players in the market appear to have the edge. So how are some of the oldest banks doing? Well, in fact, they’re doing pretty well.

Barclays was over 320 years old when it embarked on its digital transformation. Its initiatives, Digital Eagles and Digital Wings have taken the UK by storm. Wells Fargo, more than 160 years old, is also running several exciting digital programmes to enhance its banking experience.

The digital transformation for both organizations has done more than just improve processes and boost brand image; it has successfully educated and empowered its employees, customers and the wider community.

Steven Roberts, Strategic Transformation Director at Barclays, and Christy Punch, Product Manager at Wells Fargo, speak to Paul about how it all began and reveal how experimentation has been key to success. But with the nature of digital, nothing stands still for long – they share their focus and priorities for the next chapters in their amazing digital stories.


Portrait of Steven Roberts

Steven Roberts, Strategic Transformation Director, Barclays

Steven began his Barclays career 25 years ago and has since held a variety of roles in Operations and Change across a range of business and support areas, including most recently as Strategic Transformation Director. He has been responsible for the award-winning Digital Eagles initiative, implementation of free WiFi in branches and deployment of 10,000 iPads to enable colleagues to help customers. He has also pioneered a range of other initiatives to help diverse groups of customers interact more easily with Barclays. He has recently overseen the launch of Barclays Eagle Labs and other groundbreaking innovations such as the “Digital Wings” scheme, now used by almost 100,000 colleagues and individuals both inside and outside Barclays.

Portrait of Christy Punch

Christy Punch, Product Manager, Wells Fargo

Christy Punch is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Product Manager at Wells Fargo, providing strategic business management in enhancing the Wells Fargo intranet and collaboration platforms that support almost 300,000 team members across 40 countries. She has a passion for exploring emerging digital solutions and aligning business strategies across the company to drive forward new ways of working. Christy describes herself as “a digital explorer, eager to discover and bring to life the next big idea to improve the team member experience, and ultimately, improve the bottom line”.

She’s from Charleston, South Carolina, and enjoys volunteering for a local dog rescue, Clemson football, drinking good wine, and social media.

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