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Episode: 31

How ‘ethical’ is your digital workplace?

How ‘ethical’ is your digital workplace?

“When I think of technology ethics, I think of the implications of how technology shapes our culture and our society; essentially technology changes what humans do in the world, and can do in the world, and how humans perceive the world.”

– Cennydd Bowles

Today’s digital technology has the power to influence our behaviour on a global scale, for better and for worse. And with financial rewards often disrupted by the need for other workplace values, such as flexibility, it’s in an employer’s best interest to ensure its digital workplace is ticking all the right ethical boxes. But what does an “ethical” digital workplace look like?

Guests, Cennydd Bowles, digital product designer and writer, and Louise Bloom, digital consultant specializing in digital workplace wellbeing, outline their thoughts on digital ethics, advise on how this should be applied in the digital workplace (and the implications of getting it wrong), and explain what constitutes a “healthy” digital workplace.

Join us as we discuss who’s got it right and who’s got it wrong, trust, user centricity and striking a balance.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
Digital Workplace Wellbeing
Future Ethics, by Cennydd Bowles
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Portrait of Louise Bloom

Louise Bloom, digital consultant

For over ten years, Louise has been conducting field research into the usability and human factors of digital working environments with the world’s largest employers. Currently studying Physiotherapy in the Netherlands, her focus is shifting beyond the interface to get an evidence-based view of how digital environments affect employees in terms of health and wellbeing. This work builds on a background in social anthropology, behavioural science and UX and IA research and design. Louise was the lead UX consultant with the DWG from 2011 to 2017 and now offers consulting services, insights and workshops on digital workplace welfare.

Louise is also a mother to two children, a lifelong but useless surfer and a practising yoga coach.

Portrait of Cennydd Bowles

Cennydd Bowles, digital product designer and writer

Cennydd Bowles is a London-based designer and writer focusing on the ethics of future technologies. He has worked with companies including Twitter, Samsung and the BBC, and is a sought-after speaker at technology and design events worldwide. His second book “Future Ethics” will be released in September 2018.

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