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Episode: 33

Accelerating adoption in your digital workplace

Accelerating adoption in your digital workplace

“Digital workplace leaders are always asking: ‘If we build it, will they come?’”

– Kevin Olp, Digital Workplace Group

Adoption is critical to digital workplace initiatives if they are to thrive and deliver on their objectives. While it isn’t a new concept (as you’ll hear more about), adoption is a challenge for many organizations – and getting it right is harder than it first appears.

Paul Miller discusses this tricky subject with Kevin Olp, author of DWG’s recent report “Digital workplace adoption strategies: Proven approaches to bring users on board”; Jacqui Randle, Head of Intranet and Organisational Behaviour Change at Scottish Government; and Morten Dal, Internal Communications Manager at PANDORA.

As well as learning more about the seven factors of influence and other key findings from the report, Jacqui and Morten talk about their own experiences of executing on adoption plans. Join us as we discuss adoption tactics, such as gamification and storytelling, the Diffusion of Innovations curve and, urrrm… horses!

You can also download a free excerpt from the report here, which includes Section 3, “Working out what adoption means to you” and Section 5, “Seven factors influencing adoption”.

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Kevin Olp, Research Associate, Digital Workplace Group

Kevin Olp is a research associate and consultant for DWG. He is also a small-town insurance agency owner in Mukwonago Wisconsin in the US. Kevin previously worked at Northwestern Mutual in a variety of communications, training and technology roles, including sponsorship of the reimagination of its intranet and digital workplace programme. Kevin practises change leadership in every assignment, and is passionate about leveraging technology to reduce the impact of time and distance on daily work. At home, Kevin and his wife Cheri enjoy travel and time with their five adult children.

Jacqui Randle, Head of Intranet and Organisational Behaviour Change, Scottish Government

Jacqui is an experienced communications and engagement specialist with 15 years’ experience in corporate communications, employee engagement and organisational behaviour change. She worked in government roles in London before returning to her roots in Scotland, working for the Scottish Government in Edinburgh.

Jacqui is responsible for the Scottish Government’s award-winning intranet, Saltire, and for encouraging civil servants to use digital communication to engage effectively with the public, stakeholders and each other. She is an accredited CIPR and change management practitioner.


Morten Dal, Internal Communications Manager, PANDORA

Morten Dal is an experienced corporate communications manager and certified change manager, who has led global digital workspace projects and organizational change in industries such as banking, biotech, insurance and jewellery. He is responsible for the creation, management and development of the first Global Digital Workplace for PANDORA and its workforce of 22,000 employees, including business case planning, global governance, and roll-out and training of editors, super-users and end-users in the USA, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

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