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September 16, 2020

DWG has been hosting DWG24 since 2008, always focusing on what’s new and emerging in the world of work – and this time we have something a little different as well. This year’s DWG24 is based around the 12 action points from our Decade of Courage Manifesto. Most of the points – as you might expect from DWG – are centred around the traditional digital workplace; however, others look beyond the digital workplace to consider the organization as a whole and its wider impact on the world around it.

Empowering the frontline
Saturate the frontline with the most advanced technology and services possible; enabling, supporting and empowering this essential first-line workforce of your organization.

In hour 4, Stagecoach will give us a live tour of their frontline-focused digital workplace, including how they developed a mobile app designed around specific use-cases. Alongside Stagecoach, will be Patrick Etelavuori (pictured) from Finnair to talk about creating frontline-focused digital workplaces, including Patrick’s experiences at Finnair.

The organization as a living system
Reimagine and redesign your organization: from machine to living system, from organization to organism – ready for a fluid, networked and living world.

In hour 6 we are joined by Charles Eisenstein (pictured), a speaker and writer who focuses on themes of human culture and identity. Charles will share how we can better approach work as a living system, in harmony with the environment. Joining Charles and giving us a live tour will be KBC Group, who will talk about their approach to digital learning and collaboration, and how the Group uses Microsoft Teams.

The physical workplace
Significantly reduce the size (and human density) of centralized urban offices and shift to local workplace physical pods close to where clusters of staff live.

For hour 13 we will be joined by Ryan Anderson (pictured) of Herman Miller, who will speak about how our physical workspaces can be supportive of how and where we’re working, and explain how we can better integrate digital and physical workspace design. Lendlease will also give us a live tour that showcases the solutions Equiem has developed to support commercial landlords in light of the pandemic.

There is so much more besides: take a look at the already packed schedule. It’s also the perfect way to bring your team together whilst apart – or maybe you can take turns in joining to get the whole 24-hour experience; after all, it’s quite a long time for one event for one person – we know!  You can also dip in and out for the hours that are of most interest to you and your organization.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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