New horizons in change management

June 26, 2024 by

In this week’s blog, we round up the latest practices and trends from organizational change and psychology to bring people along on the digital workplace journey.

1. Let go of the need for certainty

The place to start with all change is to embrace the new normal and let go of the old ways of doing things. It is important not to get trapped in inertia because we can’t predict or plan for every challenge. Adapting to new ways of working starts with creating a culture where it is acceptable to experiment, fail and learn from those failures. 

2. Create a clear and compelling narrative around the change 

Part of change leadership is creating an overarching narrative. Make sure you have a clear answer for ‘Why are we doing this?’. Back up your storytelling with data and evidence, so that you are not just sharing an opinion about the impact of the change on the business. Take a pragmatic but also fact-based approach to telling the impact story. 

3. Retain a relentless focus on people

The primary focus should be on preparing people to use services rather than on designing and developing the services themselves. Too many projects still focus on the features and functions rather than the people. Ensure there is adequate investment in the people-side of change, and consider the impact each project activity will have on people. 

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4. Identify local ambassadors for change 

Change champions are critical to project success; acting as local ambassadors, answering questions on the ground, collating and sharing local feedback, and participating in testing. 

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5. Incorporate user feedback as a change management tactic

Employing user feedback to gather requirements and make continual improvements is a smart way to position your organization for success in the digital workplace. This approach helps build strong support, encouraging increased usage and adoption. 

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6. Use the digital workplace tools you are trying to promote!  

If you’re promoting Copilot, a Copilot group dedicated to answering questions, or coordinating a community of Copilot champions, makes sense. Being seen to use the very tools you are trying to promote makes change efforts more authentic and familiarizes other change agents with the tools they are helping to promote. 

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Ilana Botha

Ilana has over 13 years of experience in knowledge management, content design, writing and communications. Ilana has worked with leading global organizations such as PwC, Oliver Wyman and Save the Children. She holds an MPhil in Political Science from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and is a Knowledge Management consultant based in Spain.

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