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How in sync do your physical and digital workplaces feel? Is your physical environment – wherever that may be – optimized to support the digital tools you’re using? Does it feel like digital is being harnessed to better manage the physical? Is it smart? Does it feel natural for how you best work? Or does it seem like the two have been designed in total isolation from each other?

The chances are that a little bit of thought has been put into these questions – but for many of us there’s still a long way to go before the divide between how our physical workplaces and our digital workplaces are designed is truly bridged.

Our latest free research report, Nature of Work: Designing at the interface of the physical and digital workplace, takes a look at the art of the possible within this space, while also exploring related themes, such as the evolution of the office and our relationship with physical space, while also introducing a new concept from DWG: Nature of Work.

Far from focusing solely on futuristic smart workplaces, the research provides an evolutionary spiral – complete with insights, examples and “getting started” thinking points – aimed at taking practitioners on the journey from first steps through to thinking more creatively about what a more natural workplace could be. And it is here, in the natural workplace, that the physical and digital can be more closely intertwined to better support the way we instinctively want to work. Equally, it is here that the seeds of DWG’s Nature of Work are planted: a new mindset for thinking about why, how and where we work, inspired by nature.

With insights from interviews with Herman Miller’s VP of Innovation, Ryan Anderson; Adobe’s Senior Regional Workplace Operations Manager EMEA, Mark Bell; and DWG’s CEO and Founder, Paul Miller, this research paper will help you to start thinking differently about what we mean by the workplace, as well as the internal relationships you could be nurturing to help create environments that truly support the way people work.

Download Nature of Work: Designing at the interface of the physical and digital workplace

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About the author

Shimrit Janes, Community Manager and Researcher for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Shimrit Janes is the Director of Knowledge at the Digital Workplace Group. Shimrit is responsible for driving the research, knowledge and content agendas for DWG’s new arm dedicated to non-profits and governmental organizations: Digital Nations Group (DNG).

Connect with Shimrit on Twitter: @shimritjanes.

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