What does Jack Daniel’s Salesforce-based social intranet look like?

October 27, 2014

Webinar summary: On Tues, Nov 4th see a live intranet tour from Brown-Forman, the parent company for Jack Daniel’s and many other popular brands. Paul Miller, DWG’s CEO and Founder, will also pop in to share a few highlights from his new book The Digital Renaissance of Work.

Show topics:
  1. Paul Miller, co-author of “The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future”.
  2. Live tour: The Salesforce-based social intranet at Brown-Forman, parent company to Jack Daniel’s.
Date & time:Tues, Nov 4th | 11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
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“Whatever’s comfortable” on the social intranet

If you, like me, enjoy the odd recreational glass of whiskey or cocktail now and again, then you are familiar with any number of the brands owned by Brown-Forman. Some of their most well-known brands are Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, Chambord, Herradura, Finlandia and Woodford Reserve.

Jennifer McClintonI, for one, find the Southern Comfort marketing campaign “Whatever’s comfortable” to be as entertaining as any commercials out there. They speak to me.

With such rich brands in hand, Brown-Forman needed an intranet that could nurture and strengthen their unique culture. Enter a social intranet, powered by Salesforce Platform.

Brown-Forman uses the intranet to help staff around the globe connect with each other as well as with the brands and the company itself. It also used the platform to build custom apps around specific business processes and needs.

On the November 4th episode of Digital Workplace Live see a live intranet site tour guided by Jennifer McClinton, Director of Technology Development at Brown-Forman. This will be a special chance to find out how one innovative company uses enterprise social tools to strengthen a unique culture.

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Paul Miller on “digital workplaces fit for the future”

Paul Miller - DWG CEO - drwbook author - SQUARE SMALL 300pxIn his previous book The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work, Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG), explained the emerging flexibility and freedom enabled by digital technology.

For his follow-up book, available on Amazon starting October 28th, Paul has teamed up with co-author Elizabeth Marsh, DWG’s Head of Research. The new book, The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering digital workplaces fit for the future, goes beyond the first one to offer pragmatic guidance. It both provides a compelling vision of the future of work and offers a practical guide to help large companies build successful digital workplace strategies.

On the November 4th episode of Digital Workplace Live, Paul will discuss the new book, explaining why he and Elizabeth wrote it, and how digital workplace managers can use it.

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