Organizations recognized in Modern Intranet of the Year 2022 award

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While it was SAP that took home the overall Modern Intranet of the Year award this year, the independent judging panel decided to also call out some other organizations to acknowledge their achievements in specific areas of practice.  

The Awards are produced by DWG and celebrate organizations and practitioners who have excelled in creating well-executed, high-performing digital workplace environments this year. 

So, in no particular order, here are the judges’ additional awards in the hotly contested Modern Intranet of the Year 2022 category: 

AbbVie receives an award for Digital Workplace Management

abbvie logo

The journey to an exceptional modern intranet is rooted in strong management practices relating to strategic vision, clear rationale and robust governance. The judges felt that AbbVie excelled in these aspects. Its highly personalized Digital Hub is contextualized within the wider digital workplace strategy, its business case is well articulated, governance practices are comprehensive and measurement approach extensive. Users have been engaged at every stage and adoption of the Digital Hub is supported by a strong communication programme. This is a modern intranet set up to provide sustainable value to the organization now and over time. As one judge exclaimed: “At last, an intranet that is contextualized within the digital workplace strategy and a mission that straddles both content, knowledge and capability!”.   

Heather Huntington, Associate Director, Employee and Portal Management, said: “AbbVie is proud to be recognized for our newly launched intranet, My AbbVie. Through strong collaboration with internal stakeholders and a clear governance process, we are able to provide our colleagues with a significantly improved intranet experience that enables their productivity and provides time-saving efficiencies. We are excited to continue to grow and improve on our success moving forward.”   

abbvie website

Adobe receives an award for being a Hybrid Pioneer

adobe logo

The team at Adobe have embraced hybrid as an unprecedented opportunity and the judging panel loved their proactive, pioneering approach. Inside Adobe is a mature intranet that occupies an important place within the organization’s overall digital workplace ecosystem and is a key element of enabling hybrid working and supporting employee wellbeing. Very high levels of integration and personalization, for instance in Flyouts, mean employees can quickly connect to information, tools and people. In addition, a mobile experience, the Adobe Life app, further supports employees to be successful as hybrid workers. Inside Adobe is also ‘Customer Zero’ for the company’s own technology, providing important feedback on products before they go to market. Where Hybrid Pioneer Adobe is treading, our judges hope other organizations will follow! 

Ray Brulotte, Senior Manager Inside Adobe/Intranet, said: “Over the past year, ‘hybrid work’ shifted from uncertain into a reality for our employees. The Inside Adobe team quickly recognized the need to implement new features and functionality on our intranet to help employees seamlessly transition into this new way of working. We are proud to be recognized for our hard work and very excited to be named DWG’s Modern Intranet of the Year 2022: Hybrid Pioneer winner!”  

adobe website screenshot

Non-profit NSPCC receives an award for its volunteer intranet 

NSPCC logo

We typically get some large organizations with big budgets vying for DWG’s annual awards and they can be hard to beat for smaller and non-profit organizations. For this reason, the judges wanted to acknowledge NSPCC for its impressive work to engage its volunteer audience through an intranet called The Volunteer Hub.  

NSPCC’s approach is comprehensive, including clear, focused objectives that support the organizational mission, a detailed multilevel governance plan and good user involvement from design to launch. As one judge commented: “The hub has a great list of features for volunteers, including an area with their achievements to track milestones, as well as localized content to keep them engaged.” The site has achieved some notable impact, including volunteer engagement with news and events, as well as uptake of training and sign-ups for volunteer shifts and roles. 

Intranet Manager, Rebecca Leppington, said: “We’re delighted to win this special award from DWG. Developing The Volunteer Hub (our intranet for volunteers) wouldn’t have been possible without the valuable input of our volunteers to co-create it. The hub gives volunteers access to all of the tools, resources and information they’ll need to feel equipped, connected and inspired. It’s being built from their insight and support, and will continue to grow with them. 

We also wanted to make sure that the hub fits as part of a consistent journey for our volunteers throughout their time with us, and that we developed functionality to meet their needs in the most efficient way. Pracedo helped to make all of this possible.” 

NSPCC website screenshot

The Estée Lauder Companies receives an award for Cultural Alignment

Estee Lauder Companies Logo

The entry from The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) wowed the judges with a beautiful intranet, called MyELC, which reflects the brand, is driven by user research, and is supporting cultural transformation. A highly personalized news and content experience connects employees to the information they need to stay engaged and get work done. The team have focused on making the intranet an inclusive experience by setting the bar extremely high for accessibility, building on Unily’s WCAG 2.1 AA-compliant platform. MyELC is impacting on metrics that matter, including engagement with news and social channels, reducing page load times and dramatically improving search accuracy. 

Estee Lauder website screenshot

Northwestern Mutual receives an award for Productivity Focus

northwestern mutual logo

Northwestern Mutual received praise from the judges for its people-centric modern intranet strategy. The Digital Commons has a clear purpose as a key digital destination for connection, information and getting work done. By providing a seamless experience across multiple platforms it is successfully helping employees to fulfil tasks and making their lives easier. For instance, a My Tasks tool provides reminders from various systems, while PTO/VTO integrations help staff to quickly view and book time out. This is a modern intranet that makes a real difference to the work day. As one judge commented: “The features provide practical ways of finding things and getting stuff done – these are capabilities that support simplicity and productivity, and reduce friction.” 

northwestern mutual website

The Digital Workplace of the Year Awards provide the perfect opportunity for you and your organization to share your digital workplace achievements with peers and to gain global industry recognition! 

Nominations for next year will open early in 2023 – watch out on our website for more details. 

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