Jan 7th webinar: compare Barclays and AXA’s social intranets

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Webinar summary: Tune in to IBF Live on Tuesday, January 7th to see how two very different major global financial companies are using internal social media.

Show topics:1) Live tour of Barclays’ SharePoint 2010 + Newsgator environment
2) Live tour of AXA’s IBM Connections implementation
Date & time:Tues, Jan 7th  |  11:00 New York-EST · 16:00 London-GMT
Access:Guests can sign up for a one-time free guest pass. Subscribers and IBF members will receive login details via email.

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Comparing online collaboration at financial institutions

Most large organizations today are wrestling with collaboration: how do you properly implement online social tools that truly help employees and the company? Financial institutions face increased challenges due to special rules and regulations targeted at protecting personal and financial information.

During IBF Live on January 7th see how two very different global financial institutions, Barclays and AXA, are using online collaboration tools for employees. Both Barclays and AXA work in over 50 countries and employee around 150,000 employees globally. Based in the UK, Barclays has a history spanning over 300 years and offers a broad range of financial services. AXA, based in France, started out as an insurance company and now has many services in savings and asset management.

Barclays and Axa social intranets - SharePoint Newsgator and IBM Connections

SharePoint 2010 + Newsgator vs. IBM Connections

The AXA intranet team recently launched IBM Connections and is exploring best practices in enterprise social media adoption and metrics.

The Barclays intranet is built on SharePoint 2010 with the NewsGator social media platform. The team has gained traction over the past year engaging employees via user-generated content, ideation, badging and mobile, while also working on a data warehouse for analysing the social events and gaining insight via sentiment analysis.

This episode of IBF Live offers a unique opportunity to compare two different and very popular enterprise social platforms side-by-side.

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