Digital Workplace Group predicts managing enterprise search will be critical for business success

July 25, 2012 by

The Digital Workplace Group (DWG) is delighted to announce the release of new research into managing enterprise search.

Written by globally-recognized intranet expert Martin White, DWG’s latest exclusive member research briefing, predicts that managing business search within the enterprise is set to become increasingly vital.

This is down to a number of trends including:

  • The rise of interest in “big data” and the exploitation of the vast amounts of information that lies within the enterprise.
  • The increase in demand for better access to data from mobile devices, and related developments in voice-activated search.
  • The opportunities presented by the growth of new cloud-based enterprise search services.
  • The report also features the results of an IBF survey into how organizations are managing enterprise search. Insights include:
  • A wide variety of different search products are being used in the enterprise, with a third of respondents managing multiple products.
  • Improving findability and relevance of result is the top objective for search teams.
  • Other popular objectives for search teams are improving the user interface and the user experience, and establishing a managed search service.
  • Despite the economic situation, resourcing envisaged for search teams in 2013 is slightly higher than 2012.

Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of DWG, and the author of the book “The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work”, commented “This member research briefing is extremely interesting. As the C-Suite realize the value of exploiting reserves of data, and as users work with more and more information, enterprise search is coming back into focus. Managing search to improve findability within the wider digital workplace will start to be regarded by business leaders as strategically important.”

Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research for DWG, said “This report not only highlights the importance of enterprise search, but also provides an invaluable and detailed guide to the different roles and activities required to actively manage an enterprise search service. This research briefing is essential reading for any large corporate serious about improving findability.”

DWG’s member research program produces three major reports and three briefing papers per year on key intranet themes. They are authored by intranet experts. Research briefings and reports are available to DWG members only. Full details can be found here or get a quick overview of our research library in our research infographic.

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Steve Bynghall

Steve Bynghall is a freelance consultant, researcher and writer specializing in the digital workplace, intranets, knowledge management, collaboration and other digital themes. He is DWG’s Research and Knowledge Lead, a benchmark evaluator and research analyst for DWG.

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