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Episode: 16

Season 1: Some of the best bits

Season 1: Some of the best bits

As we close out our first season of Digital Workplace Impact, we’ve taken the opportunity in this episode to revisit some of the highlights. And what a season it was! We covered everything from the highs ignited by passionate people all the way down to the lows of the darker side of digital.

Our exceptional guests have holidayed with colleagues, changed working practices, digitally transformed businesses over 300 years old and worked for robots. They’ve challenged the status quo and are striving for better working environments for today and for the future. Meet our heroes of Season 1!

Topics include: individuality in the workplace, living and working together, governments and digital citizens, working out loud, the rise of the roboboss, the role of passion in creating digital workplaces, digital transformation, usability, the evolution of the physical workspace, the future of digital, Knowledge Management and measuring the digital workplace.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
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Our heroes of Season 1 are:

Ephraim Freed, Riot Games; Jessica Hunt, Adobe; Phil Mennie, PwC; Peter Fabor, Surf Office; Sarah Gold, Tech for Good; Tom Cheesewright, Book of the Future; Kelly O’Conor, Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon; Isabel De Clercq, Kluwer Training; Dan O’Hara, Avanade; Linda Tinnert, IKEA; Kevin Olp, Northwestern Mutual; Steven Roberts, Barclays; Christy Punch, Wells Fargo; Anil Kumar, Verizon; Paul Boag; Karen Gill, Fidelty; Ryan Anderson, Herman Miller; Brian Solis; Giovanni Piazza, KPMG; Jean-Claude Monney, Microsoft Services; and Andrew Marr and Chris Tubb, Digital Workplace Group.

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