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Episode: 40

Chatbots: Why small is beautiful, with Douglas Pamplin

Chatbots: Why small is beautiful, with Douglas Pamplin

“We started small because the first thing they advise you with chatbots is: do not boil the ocean – you’ll drive yourself crazy! And that is absolutely correct.”

– Douglas Pamplin, BNY Mellon

Douglas Pamplin managed the rollout of BNY Mellon’s internal chatbot in July 2017. Since then, they have resolved more than 174,000 queries without the need for a human behind the help desk. How so? They started small; they identified the specifics that would simplify their processes and they perfected them.

Follow the conversation as Douglas tells us more about looking after 55,000 employees 24/7 and what’s next for BNY Mellon; he shares his thoughts on the best use cases for virtual assistants; and he explains why he’s nurturing a self-help culture within the organization.

Show notes, links and resources for this episode:
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Douglas Pamplin, Head of IT Service Desk, BNY Mellon

Douglas has 27 years’ industry and customer service experience. In his current role, he ensures that BNY Mellon consistently delivers high-quality services to internal and external customers. Prior to this, Douglas held various senior roles in the transfer agency business, Shareowner Services.

During his tenure at BNY Mellon, he has held management positions in the Sales and Marketing Operations Team, where he was responsible for providing day-to-day sales support and proposal management, call centre oversight, investor relations and investment plan services groups, as well as managing the Service Delivery Pittsburgh operation, where he was responsible for overseeing the following day-to-day operational departments: Escheat, Investment Plans Services, Central Mail Services, Lost Securities and the Vault and Registration.

Career highlights outside of BNY Mellon include: Defined Benefits Director at Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), managing operations in India and call centres in Jamaica and the Philippines; Director of Investor Services for International Funds Services, a hedge fund company based in New York and Dublin, Ireland. While he works hard, Douglas also devotes time to his two hobbies: maintaining a collection of miniature tractor trailer trucks and swimming.

Douglas graduated from Saint Peters’ College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and received his Masters of Business Administration in International Business.

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