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A human-centred programme to enable, guide and support new remote working initiatives within large organizations during the evolving COVID-19 crisis.  

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted work in ways that we’ve never seen before. Not only are organizations working through technical challenges to support their teams to work from home, but their employees are facing personal and professional challenges in these unprecedented circumstances.

DWG’s advisory service for rapid response remote working is a 12-week programme to counsel and coach organizations that are trying to rapidly accelerate remote working in reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. We draw upon our research, knowledge and expertise from more than 17 years in the digital workplace industry, in addition to the new resources we are gathering in real time as developments happen across the world.

The programme can be set up for a maximum of 10 organizations and includes access to:

  • DWG experts via online one-to-one sessions held weekly to work through emerging risks and challenges unique to your organization’s remote working initiative.
  • Confidential regular sessions open to all organizations in the programme to share, explore and support each other as you navigate the challenging territory of remote working during a pandemic.
  • Supporting resources following each session, including session recordings that can be shared with internal teams along with related case study references, good practice checklists and other topical resources.

This advisory service can bring the power of the collective to your organization – in a secure environment led by DWG experts.

Please contact for more details, including fees.

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