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In Geneva, attendees meet as part of the Digital Nations Group

On Tuesday and Wednesday May 9–10, professionals from non-profit and non-corporate organizations will convene at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC to discuss and share ideas on harnessing developments in digital to improve their ways of working and accelerate their digital transformation.

This event is about the digital workplace – but it’s also a forum to discuss how digital workflows can support the implementation of social programmes and government policy. It’s the first meeting of its kind in the United States, initiated by a subsidiary of Digital Workplace Group, known as Digital Nations Group (DNG), and hosted by the World Bank.

“… this type of gathering is critical for current and future communications between people, governments and organizations. The need will only grow dramatically and if we can help solve real-world issues, I only see this gathering growing exponentially.”

Mike Fraietta

Digital Workplace Product Manager, Collaboration

Bank of New York Mellon

A key focus over the two days will be how organizations can better support the creation and sharing of knowledge among their people, using emergent technologies and practices. With many non-profits and non-corporates operating in uncertain environments, with reduced budgets and geographically diverse and fluid workforces, this can be essential for maintaining – and improving – services to external stakeholders.

Challenges and solutions that will be discussed over the two days include:

  • managing a fluid workforce of volunteers so that the organization doesn’t suffer from “brain drain”
  • deploying platforms – such as Office 365 – to support the sharing and flow of knowledge around the organization
  • visualizing the future workplace.

Our host, The World Bank, will be sharing a series of lightning talks to showcase the work they are doing within areas such as text analytics and learning. You can view the full meeting agenda here.

Attendees will also have the chance to swap ideas and stories with practitioners from the corporate world. This non-siloed approach has already created opportunities for Digital Nations Group members to find innovative solutions within the non-corporate sector, highlighting the benefits of collaboration and partnership across sectors.

The inaugural DNG meeting in Geneva, hosted by UNHCR, took place last year and was attended by Oxfam, UNICEF, the Food Standards Agency, British Council, Italian Parliament, European Parliament, as well as IKEA, BNY Mellon and others. Regular events are held for DNG members including monthly virtual Hangouts, a recent example of which featured a discussion led by the Scottish Government on how to improve accessibility of digital services for British Sign Language users.

If you’re interested in joining us in Washington for this next chapter in the digital transformation of nations, but aren’t yet a member of Digital Nations Group, please email us for more details about how to attend both the Washington meeting and other forthcoming DNG events.

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We look forward to hearing from new entities who are seeking solutions to similar challenges!

About the author

Shimrit Janes, Community Manager and Researcher for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Shimrit Janes is the Director of Knowledge at the Digital Workplace Group. Shimrit is responsible for driving the research, knowledge and content agendas for DWG’s new arm dedicated to non-profits and governmental organizations: Digital Nations Group (DNG).

Connect with Shimrit on Twitter: @shimritjanes.

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