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Webinar summary: Wells Fargo shares its HR content strategy model for the intranet, which helps deliver focused and engaging content to its internal audiences.

Show topic:
  1. Special guest: Elizabeth Lupfer – Director, Enterprise Communications and Employee Engagement (The Hartford) and Founder of The Social Workplace
  2. Live Tour: Wells Fargo presents its approach to developing an effective HR content strategy
Date & time: Tues, May 5th | 11:00 New York-EDT · 16:00 London-BST
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What is your content strategy? Creating useful content for busy professionals

Way back in 1996, Bill Gates declared that “Content Is King”. Almost 20 years later, the phrase – and the essay – still feel fresh and timely. However, content’s kingdom is experiencing a boom in this age of social media and rolling news cycles and, as a result, many of us are feeling the paradoxical impact of “information overload” married with the “fear of missing out”.

A good King/Queen is nothing without their advisors. And so, while “Content may be King/Queen*”, content strategy is the King/Queen’s wise advisor. (*It is 2015, after all.)

Wells Fargo HR content strategy - Digital Workplace LiveAs corporate intranet users become increasingly pressed for time, the need for a content strategy that drives focused, engaging and efficient content couldn’t be more important. Wells Fargo has addressed this by developing a model that focuses on information goals, triggers and outcomes. The result is the delivery of task-focused, relevant and satisfying intranet experiences.

Wells Fargo will be joining us to describe this process, using real-life examples from its revamped Benefits, New Hire, and Career & Development intranet sections. In particular, our presenters will be highlighting how both narrative and structured content can be leveraged to support employee needs and preferences.

Whether your organization already has a robust content strategy that informs your corporate intranet, you are just thinking about creating one, or you merely want to learn what content strategy for intranets is all about, join us to hear about (and share) ideas and practical tips for creating and delivering content that will meet the needs of your busy users.

Wells Fargo content strategy team

Julia Cope, content strategist and information architect at Wells Fargo. Her current mission is to lead the charge with Marc Hannum to establish content strategy as the starting point for HR information delivered on the corporate intranet. She is especially interested in how structure works with different types of content messaging and is always looking for ways to tell a good story that people can relate to, as exemplified by the stack of dusty, unpublished short stories that sit on her shelf.

Marc Hannum, Minneapolis-based content strategist and information architect at Wells Fargo. His work is applied across the corporate intranet as well as helping shape external-facing solutions. He likes structure, order, rules and efficiency, but is probably not a robot.

Elizabeth Lupfer: Founder, The Social Workplace

Elizabeth Lupfer Digital Workplace LiveOne of the oft-cited motivations for improved intranet content is “engagement”. Well, joining us on May’s Digital Workplace Live we have Elizabeth Lupfer, a globally recognized thought leader and keynote speaker on employee engagement, social intranets, HR and internal communications, and the social transformation of HR functions based on the employee lifecycle.

As well as being the Founder of The Social Workplace, Elizabeth has recently joined The Hartford as its Director of Enterprise Communications and Employee Engagement. For a teaser of the insights she’ll be sharing on the show, you can check out her tweets and blog.

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About the author

Shimrit Janes, Community Manager and Researcher for the Digital Workplace Group (DWG)Shimrit Janes is the Director of Knowledge at the Digital Workplace Group. Shimrit is responsible for driving the research, knowledge and content agendas for DWG’s new arm dedicated to non-profits and governmental organizations: Digital Nations Group (DNG).

Connect with Shimrit on Twitter: @shimritjanes.

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