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In a nutshell, we merged IBF and DWF into one service and changed our name to "Digital Workplace Group." The new name represents the broader set of services we've grown to offer, beyond an original focus on just intranets. We also changed the name of our monthly webinar from "IBF Live" to "Digital Workplace Live."

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As the global recession takes hold, intranets increasingly find themselves in the firing line. As IBF founder Paul Miller pointed out in his recent blog post, even among DWG member organisations, which between them run some of the world’s most advanced intranets, budgets are being cut and new developments turned down.


The smartest intranet managers are responding by finding new ways for the intranet to deliver previously hidden value for the organisation – whether through improving productivity, cutting costs or driving revenue. They’re also busy gathering data to show that's what they're doing. In this way, they’re turning the threat of cutbacks into an opportunity to ensure that they, their intranets and their organisations survive and prosper in tough times.


At IBF, this is very topical for us and our member organisations. We’re discussing the whole issue of ‘recession-strength intranets’ at the next Digital Workplace Live, and putting together a short briefing paper on the topic.


Digital Workplace Live examines the recession-strength intranet

Next month’s Digital Workplace Live on Tuesday 3 March (3-5pm GMT) takes as its theme the recession-strength intranet. Co-hosted by Amy Kornbluth from Citi, the online show includes:

·      live intranet tour from Schroders,

·      field report from the Web 2.0 Summit

·      panel discussion about the recession-strength intranet

·      breaking news from the world of intranets and portals.


An annual subscription to Digital Workplace Live, which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month, costs £1,950/US$3950/€2,950. There are already more than 400 people signed up from organisations including the BBC, BP, Anglo-American, ExxonMobil, Cadbury, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, KPMG, Cabinet Office, Scottish Government, Charles Schwab, and Petro-Canada.


You can try out next month’s episode by registering for a free guest pass. Or you can go ahead and subscribe now


Briefing paper: call for case studies

We’re also compiling a short briefing paper providing some current examples of organisations creating value through intranets that are ‘recession-strength’. The idea is to give intranet managers inspiration and practical ideas for their own programmes.


The paper will be released to DWG members as a supplement to our mainstream research. Shortly after its release to members, a shorter version with case study subjects made anonymous and screen shots removed will be made available to non-members.


We currently have examples from six participating organisations, and we’re on the look out for two more. All we’d need is 20 minutes of your time on the phone or a brief e-mail exchange. In return for your contributing an example, we’d send you the non-anonymous version of the report, including screen shots. Plus you’d get the kudos from having your example highlighted to DWG’s influential member base.


If you have an example you think we could include, please contact me, Paul Johnson, at

About the author

Nancy Goebel - DWG's Managing Director for Member & Benchmarking ServicesNancy Goebel is DWG’s Managing Director for Member Services. In addition to heading up service delivery, she is responsible for member engagement, retention and growth. Nancy also sits on DWG’s Board of Directors.

Prior to joining the Digital Workplace Group, Nancy was a accomplished executive at JPMorgan Chase where she built and led a global team in desigining and implementing an award-winning intranet. She also led digital enablement and business re-engineering initiatives.

Outside work, Nancy is a wine maker, fundraiser, meditator, wife and mother of two.

Connect with Nancy on Twitter: @nancyatdwg or on Google +.

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