Who were IBF 24’s real stars? Look to Hollywood for an answer

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As with any good LA story, ours starts with co-anchors Andy Janowski, IBF, and Roie Edery, IPC – The Hospitalist Company, enjoying a bite of dinner last night when they had their first brush celebrity.

Although Fabio from BRAVO’s Top Chef is a tough act to follow, the LA Center of Gravity opened with a PR & Communications celebrity in his own right, Mark Ragan, CEO and founder of Ragan Communications. Among the other guest hosts included Carlos Dominguez from Cisco, Chris McGrath from ThoughtFarmer and Laurel Castiglione from PG&E. Along the way, each offered intelligent questions, unique insights and in some cases even some comic relief.

Of course the BIG stars of the LA leg  were the live tours themselves. Among them were AT&T, KLOUT, APAN (from Booz Allen Hamilton), Tibbr, Yammer, oDesk, Google’s MOMA, CNBC and LoveMachine: Work. For good measure. Andy and Roie folded in some breaking news from Yammer and industry perspectives Brian Solis and Ross Dawson.

With such an illustrious line-up, it’s tough whittle down six hours into a few choice sound bytes. Thankfully you , the IBF 24 listeners, made it an easy to encapsulate the highlights in 25 tweets or less:

  1. RT @dwg: From AT&T: “It’s not the Communications Team’s intranet, it’s the corporation’s intranet.” Business needs lead the way! #IBF24 @asgard
  2. Abbott to move to SharePoint 2010 in 2012 to create a more social intranet. #IBF24
  3. #IBF24 @carlosdominguez from Cisco says videos on the intranet get longer page-view times than text news stories. @danaleeson
  4. My key takeaway from #IBF24: shift from content publishing to collaboration, transaction and portability. @sharonodea
  5. CNBC is creating a killer intranet app that creates stickiness (keeps employees on the intranet). #IBF24 @AndyJankowski
  6. After first launching APAN, BHA changed interface language from military terms to more common language. #UXD #IBF24
  7. Most popular tool on APAN extranet: Simple “request for information” forums during disasters. #IBF24 @ibf
  8. @jmhalper: Yammer CTO @yammeradam is LIVE on #ibf24 discussing Yammer’s newly announced suite of integration products: http://bit.ly/m8rRkS
  9. Will we start hiring secretaries to monitor our activity feeds for us? #IBF24 @ThoughtFarmer
  10. LoveMachine lets employees share kudos for colleagues. Each “Love” message counts for a dollar, resulting in monthly gift cards. #IBF24 @ibf
  11. Tibbr sends enterprise application updates through users’ activity streams, so no need to clog email with minor updates. #IBF24 @ibf
  12. oDesk provides more verifiable data on potential hires than you can get from in-person interactions. #IBF24 @AndyJankowski
  13. Facebook is making interface decisions for enterprises’ social intranets by setting expectations. #IBF24 @ThoughtFarmer
  14. “well designed” social initiatives are organization specific – Ross Dawson at #ibf24 @MartinSS
  15. For identifying expertise: Base on experience and work completed rather than just what people post on their profiles. #IBF24 @ibf
  16. Intranet mgr role should become creating value flows within org & how extends to r’ship w. customers @rossdawson #ibf24 @nadine_mcmahon
  17. #Intranet are dead. Most of our value-adding activity now need no firewall – 82% – desagree responders #ibf24 @lenyska
  18. “Intranet” is only Ltd by past expectations. Haven’t stopped using “internet” though websites have evolved. #IBF24 @EphraimJF
  19. Google’s intranet might be the only intranet in the world to have a search that “works like Google”! #ibf24 @nadine_mcmahon
  20. Did Google just say the point of their intranet is to avoid using email? Good policy. #IBF24 @CateOwen
  21. “Companies should have a tweetable mission” Brian Solis #ibf24 @MartinSS
  22. Accountability and metrics at the root of engaging in social media successfully.  #IBF24 @AndyJankowski
  23. RT @dwg: Engaging with social media internally is about deep change management, not just shinny new technology. From Brian Solis on #IBF24 @KM_intranets
  24. Any business focused on a higher purpose outperforms a business focused just on operations. People need to feel part of their work. @BrianSolis on #IBF24 @ibf

LA anchors Andy Jankowski (DWG) and Roie Edery (IPC, The Hospitalist Company).For now, the team have signed off from the Hollywood studio. As in previous years, the event’s centre of gravity will shift from Los Angeles to Australasia and Europe before returning to London for a final session, ending at 10.00 GMT on Wednesday morning. Enjoy the Australasia leg of the programme.

For those of you just joining IBF 24, there’s plenty of intelligent conversation and great content still to come. What’s more, if you’re an IBF Member or IBF Live subscriber, you also be able listen to and watch everything again at a later date. In the same fashion as TED, we’ll be releasing the material in weekly episodes on our members extranet site.

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