The art of rating

January 11, 2012 by

In this new series of blog posts, Chris Tubb, one of the IBF Benchmarking team will take a look at ways that small elements of the digital workplace can be improved through design.

When we are benchmarking member intranets at IBF, feedback and rating often comes up as an area for improvement. As more intranet teams use content management systems that are “out-of-the-box” I fear there will be less and less design put into crafting thoughtful designs that really add value, without adding much cost. Let’s start the series with rating, which seems to me often thrown into the mix as an afterthought.

The remainder of this article is available to DWG members on the extranet.


Chris Tubb is a lead benchmarker for IBF in the Management Benchmarking Areas. He is an intranet and digital workplace consultant with a background in information architecture. He worked with intranets for Orange and France Telecom for 13 years. He occasionally twitters @christubb

Categorised in: Internal communications, Usability & design

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