How social software is transforming Deutsche Bank’s intranet

February 19, 2013 by

IBF Live – the online broadcast featuring the best intranets from around the world

IBF Live logoDigital Workplace Live is the unique online intranet show from IBF. Going out live on the first Tuesday of every month, it’s unmissable for anyone who works with intranets, portals and information workplaces.

5 March episode featuring Deutsche Bank
& tune in as we go live to the IntraTeam conference

This month’s session centres on Deutsche Bank’s intranet and collaboration platforms. Regular hosts Paul Miller and Paul Levy will be joined by Paul Hewitt and John Stepper from Deutsche Bank to demonstrate the company’s unique intranet experiences.

Tune in to see a live intranet tour and presentation, which will cover how Deutsche Bank crowdsourced the identification of intranet waste, the integration of social feeds into the company’s Global Technology intranet, and how social platforms have shifted their model for internal communications.

This tour will illustrate how Deutsche Bank’s social intranet is boldly going where most intranet managers only dream. You can learn more on John Stepper’s blog, which includes fascinating anecdotes and insights from his intranet journey.

Also joining us live from the annual international IntraTeam conference in Copenhagen will be CEO of IntraTeam and intranet consultant Kurt Kragh Soerensen, and conference workshop leaders Donna Papacosta, owner of Trafalgar Communications and Paolo Tosolini, Director of Emerging Media at RUN Studios. The conference covers a great deal of ground focusing on Intranet, Internal Communication, SharePoint and Enterprise Search. Tune in to hear more from these great speakers live from the conference itself.

WhatIBF Live
When:5 March at 16-17:00 UK-GMT · 11-12:00 US-EST
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We hope to see you there!

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