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The digital workplace is far more than the intranet plus a range of other technology services…

We think the best analogy is to a transportation system. If the intranet is the “train”, then other technologies are other forms of transport – buses, water, cars, planes. Together, the integration and flows between the forms provides not only an integrated way of moving people and things but also transforms the lives of the people involved.

Seen in this light, the digital workplace can’t be defined in such simple and narrow terms as the component parts can be described.

12 Essential Readings on the Digital Workplace

Is YOUR organization adapting?

Where do you start with your digital workplace strategy? Who do you involve? Our Digital Workplace Checklist draws from extensive research into best practices and provides a list of targeted activities to guide effective implementations.

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    As world economies accelerate, more money is becoming available to leverage technological advances to create yet more advanced digital workplaces. Much attention is being paid to the creation of elegantly crafted, well thought-out interfaces, including dashboards, chatbots and even digital ...

  • The power of people analytics in the digital workplace

    Within every organization there are exceptional levels of data being produced and that’s growing. You can find all sorts of scary statistics that demonstrate exponential rates of growth in the data we produce in and outside of the workplace, some ...

  • Why we need to take a level-headed view of artificial intelligence

    Over the past few months interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has reached fever pitch, with a surge in media coverage and AI increasingly appearing on the radar for many organizations. A look at Google Trends over the past five years ...

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