Digital Workplace Impact Podcast – Episode 6 – How passionate people create the best digital workplaces

March 13, 2017

The sixth episode in our series of Digital Workplace Impact podcasts discusses passion in the workplace.

Often, passion comes with devotion, drive and a determination to achieve great things. We ask what sparks a passion for work in someone and how can you harness this extraordinary energy to create a successful digital workplace experience?

We’re joined by two guests whose passion and personal ambition have shaped their organizations’ impressive digital workplaces and culture: IKEA’s Linda Tinnert, who believes that internal communication is the beating heart of a business; and Kevin Olp, from Northwestern Mutual, who sees work as a part of the very fabric of his life.

As well as realizing great visions, Linda and Kevin have built effective and motivated teams, who contribute to the success of the digital workplace and its continual evolution.

They talk to Paul Miller about cultivating curiosity, igniting those around them and nurturing the next generation.

Listen to Episode 6 – How passionate people create the best digital workplaces

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