Paul Miller’s keynote speech to Microsoft about the digital future of work now available to view online

November 30, 2012 Updated: April 20, 2022

30 November 2012, London.

Paul Miller and Ephraim FreedPaul Miller, Founder and CEO of the Digital Workplace Group, and author of The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work, was recently invited to speak to Microsoft staff at the company’s HQ about the new digital landscape of work and how it is transforming our lives.

Microsoft Research has now made a video recording and transcript of the event available to view and download on its website.

The recording features Paul being interviewed by Ephraim Freed, Community Manager at the Digital Workplace Group (DWG). Topics covered in this fascinating and wide-ranging session include Paul’s definition of the emerging digital workplace and its place in the historical context of work, as well as its effect on non-deskbound workers on the “mobile frontline”.

Paul also talks about some of the other themes from his recent book, including the various opportunities and challenges to both organizations and individuals that arise from this seismic change, as well as the wider implications for society.

Previous prestigious speakers also invited to address Microsoft staff include leading sociologist Sherry Turkle, seminal cyber novelist William Gibson and philosopher Steve Pinker.

Paul continues to be in demand as a speaker on themes relating to the future of workplace technology. He will be speaking at the Center for CIO Leadership on 5 December.

The Microsoft recording is available at

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About Paul Miller

Paul Miller is the CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group which includes IBF and the Digital Workplace Forum (DWF), a confidential, invitation-only grouping for major organizations that are committed to share, investigate and measure the performance and business value of their digital workplaces.

The purpose of DWF is to radically improve the performance, scope and impact of the digital workplaces of partners organizations – positively impacting recruitment, retention, productivity, environment, travel, real estate and HR.

Current DWF partners are Aviva, Deutsche Post, DHL Group and Johnson & Johnson.

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