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Why choose DWG – and not a larger provider?

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The 7 ways DWG is different to larger providers:

  1. Specific expertise
    DWG focuses exclusively on the digital workplace – nothing else. So, while large consulting claims to offer individual practice areas that span this field, DWG has deeper levels of understanding of the subject and trends, drawing from a wide range of appropriate case studies and examples.
  2. Experienced practitioners
    The DWG team is composed entirely of former digital workplace practitioners, so every consultant comes with real experience of managing digital worlds of work inside household-name organizations, across many sectors. This is not the case with large consulting or research firms.
  3. 18 years of actual benchmark reporting
    Since 2002, DWG has conducted more than 800 benchmarks of digital workplaces globally. This experience in and focus on the digital workplace is unmatched.
  4. DWG can share
    DWG can share. Large consulting firms are prevented (due to client confidentiality) from sharing anything they have learned from their other clients, but DWG members have specific confidentiality agreements that explicitly require DWG to share insights from within the membership network of around 100 other large organizations.
  5. The digital workplace thought leaders
    DWG is the thought leader in the field and has played a key role in shaping the digital workplace industry itself. CEO and Founder Paul Miller wrote the defining book “The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work” and subsequently “The Digital Renaissance of Work”. Paul is a sought-after speaker on digital workplaces today and tomorrow. You can find Paul Miller quotes in Harvard Business Review, Reuters and Bloomberg, among others.
  6. The go-to company for tech leaders
    The large consulting firms themselves – as well as technology leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, Google and Facebook – have turned to DWG for thought leadership on the digital workplace through client dinners and talks with Accenture, IBM, Avanade, KPMG and EY.
  7. We nurture our relationships
    DWG is a niche boutique consulting firm that builds sustained strategic relationships, deploying a stable base of consultants to specific engagements over time rather than rotating personnel.

DWG has collected a long list of quotes from delighted clients (all household names). One such DWG client recently commented:

“I already know what [large consulting firms] will recommend. I know what vendors they’ll suggest and what they’ll do. Anyone with an IT background knows what to expect and in fact could do what they’ll do if they had the time. The distinction DWG has is that I don’t know what they’ll recommend. I don’t already know what they – or DWG peers and members – will recommend. This is a huge advantage to me: an advisory firm and member forum should provide an independent view of information, approaches, tools, resources and work that I wouldn’t expect – otherwise, why do I need them?”

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