Healing the broken frontline of work

September 22, 2021 Updated: June 1, 2022

Hybrid working and return-to-office strategies are front of mind for many organizations right now. As we reimagine and redesign our workspaces, balancing the digital and physical, in-person and remote, organizations should be challenged that ‘return to office’ very definitely doesn’t mean just returning to the past.  

The workplace has changed since the pandemic, with a greater emphasis on designing experiences rather than environments. Impressive physical spaces simply don’t meet the brief any more. Workspace design must dig deeper into the culture if it is to fit in this new world of work, seeking to create connection, strengthen relationships and instil a sense of belonging for all those involved from the office to the frontline.  

 Drawing inspiration from cocoons and campfires, Sarah Bolas and Deepak Parmar of MCM share insights into the radical shifts occurring in workspaces, exploring how culture- and people-led design is healing the frontline experience by creating healthy, thriving work habitats that enhance well-being and deliver a more beautiful way of working in every way. 

“The workplace is about the psychological concept and contract. It’s about belonging for some people. It’s about identity and purpose, meaning that the workplace has these different facets to it. And yes, physical space is an incredibly important part of that. But it’s broader than that.

Sarah Bolas, Director of Consultancy, MCM

Listen to Episode 4: Healing the broken frontline of work 

Guest speakers: Sarah Bolas, Head of Consultancy, and Deepak Parmar, Design Director, MCM

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