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Research Spotlight: What you need to know about BI and data

Hosted by Nancy Goebel, Managing Director, Member Services and Content Producer Beth Gleba, Research Spotlights give members an overview of DWG’s latest research hot off the press!

About this Research Spotlight

Digital workplace teams don’t usually dig deep into the topics of business intelligence (BI) and data, but doing so can enrich your knowledge and practice in an area of increasing importance.

DWG’s recent research briefing paper, Understanding business intelligence: An introduction for digital workplace teams, covers what digital workplace teams need to know about business intelligence and the different concepts involved. We’ll be joined by the author Hans-Jürgen Sturm, who will provide an executive overview of the report and facilitate discussion.

This session will cover:

  • What is BI and why should digital workplace teams be taking a closer look?
  • Three specific areas of the digital workplace where using data can bring high value.
  • Advice on how to select the right strategy.
  • Use cases for digital workplace environments.

27 October 2022

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